Become a Blogger

If you’ve wanted to be a writer/blogger but don’t know where to start, consider joining Evening the Score.

We’re a small blog right now. We don’t have the reach or ridiculous following that other blogs may have, but we have a support system of writers dedicated to making each other better and the desire to grow.

Develop your writing style. Find your interest, and build yourself a portfolio.

Social Media Manager

Our social media manager(s) will help with coordinating and posting content across social media accounts. Anyone applying to be a social media manager should have some knowledge of how to work Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll be asked to post articles to social media accounts as well as post updates about the NHL, and Flyers affiliate teams.

Team Coordinator

A team coordinator will be in charge of overseeing content for a specific team and will act as an Editor. A Phantoms team Coordinator would be in charge of editing Phantoms articles and communicating with Phantoms contributors. The same is true for Flyers and Reading Royals team coordinators.

Team coordinators can act as contributors and are encouraged to contribute articles.


Contributors should be able to write at least one article every two weeks. Contributors can add news updates, post game reviews, and other features. We are looking for contributors for each level and minor league teams. You can apply to be a contributor for the following teams: Flyers | Phantoms | Royals | Aston Rebels | Junior Hockey | NWHL Teams | Big Ten College Teams.

Right now, we do not have credentials as we don’t have contributors who can commit to regular coverage of any team. If you are a contributor who can commit to going to games and regular coverage we will attempt to get credentials.

To Apply:

Contributors will need to submit a sample article up to 1000 words long. Let us know if we can find you on social media, what team you want to cover and if you’re interested in earning credentials.

Email to apply