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The expansion draft is only a few days away and we’re entering a period of time where the NHL will be drastically changed. As general managers try to find ways to get value out of players before they’re taken by Las Vegas or set up creative trades leading into the draft, we’ll see a rise in absolutely ridiculous rumors.

By Aj Maiorana (@ExtraSauce_)

Let’s dive right into this, shall we? What stupid ideas and rumors has the internet offered up recently?

Dan Girardi to the Flyers?

Everyone had a good laugh when the Rangers didn’t ask veteran defenseman Dan Girardi to waive his no-movement clause with the intent of exposing him to Las Vegas. A day later the Rangers announced that they will be buying out the rest of his contract. If you knew nothing else about Girardi, the fact that the Rangers are buying him out should keep you from wanting your team to acquire him. The last time the Flyers paid for a veteran player who was paid by his former team to go away was Vinny Lecavalier.

Based on Lecavalier alone I’d say avoid Girardi, but there are some who refuse to learn a lesson from the past and have suggested that Girardi would be a necessary veteran presence for the younger defensemen coming onto the team. There are two issues with that idea. The first is Andrew MacDonald. MacDonald is technically already a veteran presence and has been assigned to the newest defenseman for the past two seasons, most recently anchoring Provorov. adding another veteran would block one of the younger players from coming up. One of the younger players that Girardi would supposedly be mentoring. The second issue is that Girardi isn’t good.

Girardi is given top pairing minutes and fails to perform to the level of a third pairing defenseman. There’s nothing he can teach the Flyers defensive prospects, including Provorov who is already arguably the Flyers number one defenseman.

The Flyers made it clear to Nick Schultz and Michael DelZotto that they wouldn’t be returning to the team next seasons because it was time for the young players to step up to the NHL. Adding Girardi would be a slap in the face to those players and counterproductive. Not to mention it would cause a lot of fans to lose faith in Hextall pretty quickly.

Ps. there is not a shot that MacDonald will be bought out, traded, or exiled to the Phantoms.

Update: Alternatively Shane Doan to the Flyers

Shane Doan is going to be parting ways with the Arizona Coyotes, ending a long tenure as the captain in the desert. I haven’t seen anyone outright suggest the Flyers should go out and acquire the 40-year-old yet, but I feel this one creeping around somewhere on the internet. John Boruk was ahead of the curve in 2012.

Trading Shayne Gostisbehere?

The Montreal Canadiens are apparently listening to offers for Alex Galchenyuk. Not even going to address how badly Montreal will screw up that trade. The news has spawned at least one “rumor” involving the Flyers.

Speculation about who the Flyers could offer for Drouin is where this hot take started. Somehow the rumor became a bidding war between the Canadiens and the Flyers for Tampa Bay Lightning forward Jonathan Drouin. The Habs were supposedly offering Galchenyuk as the main piece while the Flyers were offering Shayne Gostisbehere. The Flyers just signed Ghost to a long term deal with a friendly cap hit. There’s absolutely no reason to believe that the Flyers are trying to get rid of him.

Besides that, the Flyers don’t need any more forwards. With Vecchione expecting a spot on the crowded bottom six and the Flyers reportedly close to persuading College free agent Spencer Foo to join the organization. The Flyers are filling the organization with talent and there’s no need to give up an important defensive player for another piece of offense.

Goodbye Steve Mason?

This isn’t a hot take, but it is pretty aggravating. Sam Carchidi reported that Steve Mason’s agent, Anton Thun has said that there have been no contract negotiations with the organization. The Flyers seem to be completely cutting the goalie loose after mishandling him for the last few seasons.

“In all honesty, he would have hoped the Flyers would have been interested enough to enter into contract negotiations with him right now, but they didn’t, so you move on,” Thun said. “That’s business.” –

Going forward, the Flyers will either risk putting Neuvirth in the starting role and praying that this is the season he’s finally able to stay healthy, or looking to free agency to sign a starter to fill the net until we know what the goaltending prospects really are. Last season, both goaltenders were terrible at the beginning of the season. Michal Neuvirth was given an extension and a few games later, Mason became the obvious starter.with a 10-5-2 record over his last 17 games a 2.14 goals-against average and .926 save percentage in that span.



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