Potential Draft Picks – Klim Kostin

Back in February, we gave you five players that the Flyers could potentially go after in this year’s draft. Now with the standings looking a bit different and the Flyers possibly messing up their own draft position here are five more talented players that could wind up in the Flyers system. 

Previous Potential Draft Target – Elias Pettersson

Klim Kostin

Klim Kostin has seen his draft value plummet as he has struggled with injuries all season. Pre-injury, he was seen as a top 10 pick, as his 6-3, 198-pound frame is quite rare for a dynamic kid only 17 years of age.


The Flyers have taken advantage of a Russian who’s stock fell due to some complications before, as the Rubtsov pick is starting to look more and more like a steal as he has finally made the move to North America where he is given a larger role and more exposure to North American audiences. Kostin, however, has a much different skill set. A very balanced player, Kostin doesn’t get knocked off the puck easily. He grinds along the boards and wins puck battles, his foot speed is decent, but he has a very good net front presence.

Kostin has a very good shot when taken, but he is more likely to pass the puck to a cutting teammate rather than taking the shot himself. It’s quite impressive that, despite his season-ending injury, he is still projected to be taken in the top 15 of the draft. He’s drawn comparisons to Evgeni Malkin on his best games.


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