Potential Drafting Targets, Maxime Comtois

It’s the final potential draft target as the Flyers struggle to stay in a playoff spot. Let’s look ahead to a potentially more exciting time.

Read up on other potential Flyers draft targets:

Martin Necas

Nikita Popugaev

Kailer Yamamoto

Callan Foote

1. Maxime Comtois – LW, WHL

Coming in at #1 on the draft list, Comtois was thought to be a top five pick, but his draft stock has fallen to do inconsistent play. He’s not entirely to blame for these inconsistencies, as he lost his starting center and main feed passer, Pascal Laberge, to injury for a majority of this season.

Comtois lit up the QMJHL in his rookie season, scoring 26 goals and adding 34 assists in 60 games. He hasn’t been able to match that pace so far this season, but there is still time.

Comtois comes in at 6’2, 201 pounds, and is lauded as a goal scoring Left Wing, something that Philadelphia hasn’t seen since Simon Gagne left for Tampa Bay. Gare Joyce compared him to Blake Wheeler of the Winnipeg Jets, and predicted a 50 or 60 goal season as long as he had a somewhat decent team around him. The problem with that is he hasn’t, but Laberge is healthy and Victoriaville seems to be all systems go for the rest of the season.

Comtois is the ideal pick for the Flyers in the 2017 draft, and if I had to put money on a player, Maxime seems likely, with Kailer Yamamoto coming in at a close second. If he ever reaches his full potential, scouts will wonder how they ever let him slip out of the top ten.


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