Win Streak, All-Star break, and The Wayne Train!

This season has been nothing short of exhausting, for the players dealing with all of the back-to-backs, and the fans for dealing with the teams inconsistencies on a nightly basis, but the Flyers are currently on a 3 game win streak going into all-star weekend! 

Since December 12th, the Flyers have had 14 games, and since then, have collected 12 points.

This recent stretch has the Flyers on a 3 game win streak before the break. These 3 games were won in the span of 5 days and one of the wins coming off of a back-to-back situation. 

Mason is seeing his play steadily increase these past couple of weeks, and with Mason improving, the defense and offense could use that as an extra motivator to win games. A 34 save shutout in Madison Square Garden is a solid way to go into a break.

For now, the Flyers will be on a small break until they play Winnipeg on the 31st.  with all-star weekend approaching.

Speaking of all-stars, Wayne Simmonds has collected 3 goals in the past 3 games which have also helped propel to the Flyers to this current win streak. 

Wayne Simmonds is the most deserving guy for an all-star game. Simmonds has been nothing short of spectacular since being included in the trade that sent Mike Richards to LA. In the past 3 seasons, Simmer has posted 60-50-60 points. That is quite remarkable, especially for not being that big of a factor in Los Angeles. Simmonds is one of the most complete players in the game today. Simmonds is a power forward that every team in the league would love to have on their roster. His career has taken off (more than he probably thought) since coming to Philadelphia. He has been a top competitor in the league.

He is the definition of a leader. Not only is he one of the leaders off the ice, he is also a leader in goals scored. He has been a vital part of this team. His net presence and consistent offensive zone pressure is ELITE. 

No matter any situation that may occur over the course of a game, Simmonds can be used for anything. He has patience on the penalty kill with great vision, and also is one of the most effective players in front of the net on a power play. If his team needs a big goal, or maybe a fight for some motivation, he is the go to guy.

The only thing Wayne Simmonds cannot do is play goalie, or is there something we are unaware of? Fact of the matter is, no one deserves this more than Wayne Simmonds, and all of the fans really need to appreciate the work this man has done to help the Flyers succeed.

Last season directly after the all-star break is when the Flyers started their incredible stretch and made the playoffs. This is a different team, but they are finally being rewarded some much needed points that will help push them to the playoffs. 


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