Wayne Simmonds is Fun and Good

Photo by Heather Barry

This weekend the NHL held its annual All-Star festivities in Los Angeles which proved to be the perfect setting for Wayne Simmonds’ coming out party.

Of course, we all here in Philadelphia and those Flyers fans abroad have a deep appreciation for all things Wayne Train, but many hockey fans are unaware of just how talented he is.

First on the docket for Wayne and the rest of his Metropolitan teammates was the Skills Relay Challenge. A challenge only in name as team Metro destroyed the competition by completing the relay 18 seconds faster than 2nd place team Atlantic.

The Four Line Challenge was the weakest of the weekend evens to watch, but that didn’t stop the Wayne Train, who was able to snipe the bottom corner from center ice, giving team Metro its only points for this challenge.

Wayne’s final audition Saturday to win the hearts and minds of NHL fans was the Fastest Skater Challenge. Wayne chugged and chugged, but it wasn’t enough as he lost to Florida Panthers’ forward Vincent Trocheck. But who needs to be fast when you’re the NHL’s best face puncher, am I right?

Now as Sunday afternoon rolled around, Wayne Simmonds had come to play some dope three on three hockey for the enjoyment of you, the people and boy did he put on a show.

To get things started Wayne picked Erik Karlsson’s pocket and proceeded to shrug off Erik’s weak-ass stick check to deposit a back-handed beauty above Montreal Glory Boy Carey Price’s left shoulder.

Simmonds then returned to haunt the dreams of Price with a goal that has defined him since he donned the Flyers jersey. This one was GREASY.

With the help of Wayne’s two goals, team Metro ended up winning the game against team Atlantic 10-6, sending them to battle team Pacific for a cool $1 million dollars and bragging rights as the best division in hockey.

In the 3 on 3 Finals Wayne Simmonds did Philadelphia proud and probably won over some new fans by scoring the game-winning goal on a pass from Taylor Hall, giving team Metro a 4-3 win.

To top off Wayne’s surreal weekend, he was rightfully awarded NHL All-Star game MVP for scoring 3 goals, including that game-winner you see above and got to ride home in a dank new truck that he’s going to let his good dogs ride in!

It was an incredible weekend for a player who many thought of as a throw-in to the Mike Richards trade. The scrawny kid from Scarborough gets selected to his first all-star game, scores 3 goals, and then carries away his MVP trophy in a brand new truck. Hollywood would’ve been hard-pressed to of wrote a better story themselves.


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