Patrick Stefan Screwed Us


You may not remember him. Patrick Stefan was a 1st overall pick by the Atlanta Thrashers in the 1999 draft. He had himself a decent run with Atlanta but overall is considered a bust by most hockey minds.

Still don’t remember him? Maybe this will help.

Yup, he’s the guy on Dallas that couldn’t put the puck into the empty net, and all of the sudden Edmonton rushed the other way and Ales Hemsky scored. This was 10 years ago. A regular season game in January. How does that in any way effect the Flyers? Well as it turns out, that missed empty net would go full-on butterfly effect and January 4th, 2007 would go on to lead the Flyers astray for years.

Ah, 2006-2007. Buffalo won the Presidents Trophy, what a difference a decade makes right? So the Oilers take a 6-5 overtime win from the Stars, no big deal. Except they ended up finishing tied for 5th worst with Chicago. Unfortunately, they owned a tiebreaker over Chicago and finished in 24th, while Chicago sat in 25th. In the first year of the draft lottery, Chicago sitting in 5th moved up the maximum number of sports from 5th to 1st. They went on to select Patrick Kane. Flash forward 3 years to June 9th, 2010. Patrick Kane slides a puck through Michael Leighton’s legs and into the net during overtime, winning the Stanley Cup. (Should’ve started Bouch, but I’ll discuss that with Lavy if I ever get my hands on him.) Shortly after that Cup Finals loss, things unraveled for the Flyers. Pronger was felled by injuries and forced to retire. Mike Richards and Jeff Carter partied their way out of town. Vinny Lecavalier was brought in to fill the gap in veteran leadership and well, he couldn’t fill a spot on the 4th line. The whole Ilya Bryzgalov thing was a humongous big mistake. We traded a future Vezina winner in Sergi Bobrovsky. I feel like people forget that. This is all Patrick Stefan’s fault.

If Patrick Kane never becomes a Blackhawk, we may have never faced them. Even if we did, they would not have had his 3 goals and 5 assists. Kane is an extremely talented player and is the engine that drives that entire team, especially that playoffs, and that series. He could have been on Edmonton, or Phoenix, LA, maybe even Washington. (LA and Washington are both scary to consider.) Instead, Kane goes to Chicago, the perfect place at the perfect time. He becomes a champion and kills my dreams simultaneously.

So they next time you look at that piece of hockey comedy, remember that Patrick Stefan lost us the Stanley Cup in 2010, in 2007. He caused the demise of the core we loved so much. As we rise from the ashes on the backs of Provorov and Konecky remember Patrick Stefan. Curse him for our misfortune, and forgive him after we win the Cup in 2019.


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