Flyers 5: Thankful for These


It’s that time of year again folks. As Claude Giroux throws sauce across the ice, we at home are sliding cranberry sauce onto our plates. Radko Gudas breaks bones on the ice, as we demolish a drumstick at the table. Andrew MacDonald sleeps in the press box as we…wait a minute, he’s playing!? While that might not bring joy to our hearts, here are 5 things we have to be thankful for so far this season.

1. The Emergence of Travis Konecey 

One of the Flyers resident young guns, he’s made his presence felt early and often. He currently sits tied for 4th on the team with 11 points. He’s also been buzzing around the ice and has dished out 34 hits so far. Despite being 5’10” (on skates maybe) and only 175lbs he’s made a name for himself as a guy who will get in your face, and put pucks in the net. He’s going to be fun the watch going forward.

2. Brandon Manning’s Contribution 

Nobody expected much from Manning going into this season. He’s been an extra guy/press box warrior for several years now. However with an early suspension to Gudas, and MDZ not back from injury, the 26 year old was pressed into service. He’s responded with 3 goals and 6 points thus far, already a career high. He’s also eating minutes, averaging upwards of 20 a game. He’s been a steadying force this year so far.

3. Jake and G 

I’ve put everyone’s favorite gingers together here. They both lead the team with a matching 17 points, and both seem to have rounded back into form this year. When your best players are you best you tend to be in good shape. Plus they are becoming linemates again, finally. Plus I predicted Giroux had a shot at 90 points this year. He’s slightly off that pace but I’m still confident.

4. We are in Striking Distance 

We’ve been inconsistent. The goaltending has been shaky at best. Dave Hakstol is losing the faith of fans on a nightly basis. Yet we’re still only 2 points out of a wild card spot! The season has ebbs and flows, and the Flyers have survived another sluggish start.

5. Wayne Simmonds 

First on the team in goals, second in points. Gritty. He’s everything we want in a Flyer, and we are all privileged to watch him. Also watching him one punch Jonathon Eriksson gives me purpose in life. (Honerable mention to Gudas turning Jt Brown’s kidneys to bread pudding.) The Wayne Train is rolling and everyone is on board.

Who or what else are you thankful for? Let us know in the comments and tweet me @mmaratea22 and follow the blog @ETSPhilly 


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