Flyers unveil 50th Anniversary Jersey 

The Orange and Black are welcoming a new member to the family today. Gold has officially joined the Flyers color scheme.

As part of their 50th Anniversary, the Flyers had announced and teased a new commemorative jersey celebrating the team’s milestone. After waiting all summer for a look at the new jerseys, we’ve finally got it.

After a bit of a delay (Giroux was apparently stuck in traffic on his way to the reveal), we got what we were waiting for. The Captain reminds us that not only is he more talented than us, but he’s better looking too as the captain proudly displayed the threads. Most people attribute any positive feelings towards the jersey to Giroux’s good looks.

The addition of gold to the numbers, outline, and Captain’s patch have some fans a bit turned off.

The team will wear these new jerseys twelve times over the season, which likely means they’ll be replacing the most recent 3rd jerseys.

They’re not as bad as the knee-jerk reaction they’re getting would make you think. After getting over the initial shock of seeing an added color, I came to really admire the new sweater. The gold trim grew on me very fast. I’ll be committing to a jersey this season, and I’ll finally stop being one of the few people walking around with Hartnell on their backs. What do you guys think? Like it, love it, hate it? Leave us some comments!


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