Four more years of Radko Gudas

The Flyers announced on Thursday that Radko Gudas was re-signed to a four-year deal worth $13.4 million overall.
The Flyers Defenseman scored five goals and 14 points this season over 76 games.

There are some complaints about the contract; it’s too long, it’s too much money, take your pick. The truth is that it’s not really a bad deal. Fans see Gudas as a defenseman with bad hands who throws around dirty hits. At one point Gudas did have some discipline issues, but other than that he was one of the stronger Flyers defensemen.

Gudas is a solid top 4 defenseman, especially when his defensive partner compliments his style like Michael Del Zotto did early this season. His shot suppression is a bit lacking, but under Hakstol’s system, his play in the neutral zone has improved. Broad Street Hockey did an in-depth look at what makes Gudas so effective which should put your mind at ease.

And if you’re still worried about Gudas, remember that expansion draft that’s coming up? Well, a nice top 4 defenseman guaranteed for two more years at around $3 million a season is a pretty good deal for a new team that needs to fill up some cap space. Gudas’ contract is a bit front loaded with the bigger cap hit in the first two years. If Hextall needed to clear a spot for a rookie defenseman, Gudas’ contract could be an easy one to move. By the end of this new contract, Gudas will till only be 30 years old.

This move leaves the Flyers with $11.9 million in cap space. Brayden Schenn still needs an extension as well.

It could be worse…

Hot Takes:

Skip the 1975 and tries to make me do the math.

I think they’re thinking: “Hey at least he’s not Luca Sbisa!” (Who is getting paid $3.6-4 million for 3 more years)

I’m at least 60% sure this didn’t happen.

Tim, please.



2 thoughts on “Four more years of Radko Gudas

  1. I’m glad he’s staying with us. If he keeps his temper in check he will continue to be a benefit to the Flyers.

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