Brayden Schenn suspended 3 games

photo by Heather Barry/heathamurhie

photo by Heather Barry/heathamurhie

The NHL Department of Player Safety released their decision on Brayden Schenn’s hit to T.J. Oshie today. The result is a three-game suspension for Schenn that will be served in the first three games of the 2016-17 regular season.

Earlier in the day, Schenn addressed the hearing during the Flyers locker clean out day. “Hopefully nothing comes out of it and I get a warning and learn from hits like this so they don’t happen again.” Schenn told members of the media. Unfortunately, Schenn has been under the DoPS’ watch, probably after Capitals coach Barry Trotz sent in video of every play Schenn was involved in and demanded a suspension.

 The DoPS has a history of questionable decisions, but the Capitals/Flyers playoff series had been particularly one-sided. 

As Kyle Phillipi of points out, Schenn isn’t exactly a repeat offender, unlike some people *cough* Jason Chimera *cough* Tom Wilson *cough*. 

Schenn has been a clean player throughout his career, so much so that he only picked up 33 penalty minutes in the regular season this year, his lowest since 2012-13 when he played just 47 games. 

Schenn may be getting a heavier punishment because the  Department overlooked his hit to Evgeny Kuznetsov’s knees in Game 4, which even Schenn admitted was a bad play.  “All I’m going to say about that is it was a pretty dumb play by me,” Schenn said. “There’s no reason for that, and I’ll leave it at that.”


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