Flyers Off-season Stuff


Photo by Heather Barry/heathamurhie

The season might be over but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to talk about. From crazy trade rumors to news from the organization, these are the stories of the off-season. 

Day 1:

The Flyers were eliminated from the playoffs just a day ago and it’s understandably got some fans upset. When your team gets into the playoffs it’s normal to want to see them get past the first round, it’s also normal to want your team to complete a huge upset against the best team in the league. Yeah, a cinderella story would be nice, but let’s be real. The Flyers were never supposed to make it this far. Be happy that they even made it into the playoffs  and stop suggesting they trade Claude Giroux.

Let’s think about the future of the Flyers lineup and the crazy talented prospects we have on the verge of breaking into the lineup. Shayne Gostisbehere dominated the blue line in his rookie season. He broke record after record while dragging the Flyers up the standings all in an abbreviated season. Next season it’s expected that prospects like Ivan Provorov and Travis Konecny will be strong candidates to break into the Flyers lineup. But, don’t be so quick to forget Hextall’s mantra: Patience.

Yeah, the big names may see some more time in the junior leagues, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to look forward to. Just watch the Phantoms and the prospects develop and you’ll feel a lot better about the Flyers not being too good.

There’s always the Underrated Prospects to watch out for too, Danick Martel and Philippe Myers.

Remember when the Flyers traded Vinny Lecavalier to the L.A. Kings so that we could clear some cap space for Gostisbehere? Well, that trade happened because he agreed to retire at the end of this season. Some jokesters (me) thought it’d be funny if Lecavalier got to L.A. performed at a mediocre level and decided he just didn’t want to retire anymore. That would screw the Kings over and really cut into their very small available cap space, but it’d also cost the Flyers $2.25 million, which we could use.

Well, there was some speculation the former Flyer might actually do it after posting 10 goals and 7 assists in 42 games and making a short playoff run with the Kings. Thankfully, Vinny put the rumors to rest and confirmed that he still planned to retire. “It’s the same plan as when I first got here a few months ago.” Lecavalier told reporters two days after the Kings were eliminated in the first round.

Okay, this might make you mad.

I can’t stand Barry Trotz. His President’s Trophy winning team couldn’t sweep a team that barely made the playoffs in the first place so he’s got a lot of overcompensating to do. Trotz has been sending tapes (probably VHS) of Flyers hits he considered dirty when he probably should have been figuring out why his team’s offense turned into the Flyers for three games.

Well in the Flyers final game, after they were eliminated, Trotz sent a tape of a hit Brayden Schenn delivered to T.J. Oshie, I assume. It was announced today that Schenn will have a hearing for the hit.

The most infuriating issue with this is either the time Tom “Shitbag” Wilson boarded Schenn and got nothing or the fact that Jason Chimera boarded Jake Voracek and only got a two-minute penalty.


So the NHL Department of Player Safety is absolutely drunk every single second of the day and obviously, no one in the department is capable of doing their jobs. Fuck Barry Trotz, I hope the Capitals get swept.


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