Pittsburgh Fan Ruins a Moment of Silence

The 2016 Stanley Cup Playoffs have officially begun. Three games took place on Wednesday night to start off the postseason, two of those games were Eastern Conference matchups. The Lightning/Red Wings series and Penguins/Rangers series both started tonight.

Before the Tampa Bay Lightning and Detroit Red Wings’ first game, Tampa Bay had a nice little tribute and a moment of silence for Ed Snider who passed away on Monday after a long battle with cancer.

It was unexpected and very respectful of the fellow East coast team and it probably gave them enough good karma to beat the Red Wings for a 1 game series lead.

The Pittsburgh Penguins played the New York Rangers later in the night and Pittsburgh also had a moment of silence and a small tribute for the Flyers chairman. Only, Pittsburgh is full of garbage fans. One fan decided it would be fun to yell “Flyers suck during the moment of silence and other fans could be heard encouraging the call and cheering that asshole on.

A Reddit user caught the moment on video that you can watch here

The mustard-clad Pittsburgh fans also booed Henrik Lundqvist after he was injured by a stick to the eye. Lundqvist’s teammate, Marc Staal’s stick got directed into the goaltender’s face and managed to sneak past the cage on his helmet. Penguins fans didn’t feel like waiting for him to get checked out so they let him hear it.

Unfortunately, without their starting goaltender, the Rangers couldn’t top the Penguins in game one and allowed Patrick Hornqvist to score a hat trick.



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