Rest in Peace Mr. Snider

Today, the Philadelphia Flyers flag at the Wells Fargo Center fly at half mast. Just hours after the Flyers regular season ended, it was announced that team owner and founder, Ed Snider lost his two-year battle with cancer.

On the most important game of the Flyers season, last Saturday against the Penguins, Lauren Hart sang the national anthem, cell phone in hand. She was FaceTiming Mr. Snider so that he could watch from his home in California where he’s spent the season. After the game and a playoff-clinching 3-1 win, the rest of the team celebrated with Snider over FaceTime.

Before this sad news, Wany Simmonds and other Flyers players had dedicated this season, and the coming playoff run to their chairman. “We owe a lot to Mr. Snider,” Simmonds said [after Saturday’s win]. “I said it before, we wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him. That’s for him and we’ve got more to go get for him.”

Now the Flyers playoff run will have even more emotional weight. They will wear memorial patches on their jerseys through the playoffs

At the start of the season, it seemed like Mr. Snider’s health was faltering. He missed the Flyers home opener for the first time in years, something that rarely happened if he could help it. But he didn’t want the focus of the season to be on his health.

Flyers legend Bobby Clarke told Sam Carchidi that it was “hard to put into words” what Mr. Snider meant to the players. It’s even harder to put into words the influence he’s had not only in Philadelphia but across hockey. NHL commissioner Garry Bettman praised Ed Snider in a statement he gave shortly after news of his passing.

“Ed created the Flyers’ professional, no-nonsense culture, fostered their relentless will to win and set the highest standards for every activity on and off the ice, including such initiatives as the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation and the Flyers Wives Carnival. While the loss of Ed Snider tears a hole in the heart of the Flyers and the city of Philadelphia, and leaves a massive void in the city’s sports landscape, it also challenges all who knew him to carry forward the great works that are his legacy.”

Support and emotional stories from former players and anyone who has been through the Flyers organization came out throughout the day. They gave us an idea of the man Ed Snider was behind the scenes, it showed us how influential he was to anyone who met him. The stories make it more obvious how much the city of Philadelphia is losing with his passing.

His legacy will live on forever with the Flyers. He took the chance on hockey in Philadelphia and built the team from an expansion that couldn’t draw 30 fans to the team’s introductory parade into the dominant Broad Street Bullies and a franchise with fans that can take over other team’s arenas in any city as far as Arizona.

He will also live on in his charity and philanthropic works, most notably the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation and the Flyers Wives’ Carnival.

“I want to leave something behind as my legacy, because I think this will grow and will continue to grow and will be a regular thing.” – Ed Snider on the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation.

His legacy will surely live on, and as the Flyers prepare to take on the Washington Capitals in the first round of the playoffs, he will be on everyone’s mind.



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