The most difficult path to the Playoffs

Dropped points and last second losses have finally come back to bite the Flyers in the ass. In the past three games, the Flyers have managed to slip out of a playoff spot, avoid clinching and made sure that they take the most difficult route to getting into the playoffs.

Two wins in back-to-back games might be a lot to ask of a team with a schedule as hard as the Flyers’, but if they could have pulled it off, we’d be talking about playoff matchups right now. The Toronto Maple Leafs are icing 80-100% of their AHL lineup every night, and the Flyers were forced to come from behind just to lose in overtime.

Now after all this time “controlling their own destiny”, the Flyers have to hope that fate doesn’t screw them over. They only control what they can do, they don’t control the teams that are now ahead of them in the standings. They’re one point behind Boston and Detroit, as of this moment, not in the playoffs.

Here’s what needs to happen for the Flyers to make it into that last wildcard spot.

The Flyers need to beat the Penguins, that’s the beginning of the easiest route available. The Flyers need to beat the Penguins. If they do that and both the Bruins and the Red Wings lose in regulation then the Flyers are in.

But there are more ways to be eliminated than there are to clinch a spot.

If the Flyers only get one point from the Penguins, or if they just lose in regulation, and the Bruins and Red Wings get a point, the Flyers will be out.

The Flyers don’t control their destiny anymore, in the last games of the season, they’re at the mercy of the two other teams who are fighting to make the playoffs.


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