Let’s Pregame: Flyers vs. Capitals

pre game

Flyers fans have no fear. There’s no reason to be intimidated by the League-leading Washington Capitals now that Ray Emery is back in Philadelphia to intimidate the crap out of Holtby. But seriously, it’s not likely that Emery will get a start this season. Keep your fingers crossed, though, just in case.
Last night, the Montreal Canadiens did us a huge favor and beat the Red Wings in regulation, giving the Flyers a chance to jump them in the playoff race. The Flyers just have to take advantage of the opportunity and pull ahead of Detroit.
Tonight’s Theme:

rivalry night

  • An Actual Rivalry!

NBC’s Wednesday Night Rivalry has had some questionable matchups, but every so often it manages to get an actual rivalry. The Flyers and Capitals have a somewhat violent history. It seems that Brayden Schenn is a popular target for the Capitals and Tom Wilson is still a walking pile of garbage. Expect a rough game despite the fact that the Capitals are the only Eastern Conference team to have secured a playoff spot and already have the Presidents trophy locked down.

This could also be a playoff preview. If the Flyers get into the playoffs in the final wildcard spot, they’ll face the Capitals in the first round. There’s no doubt that the Capitals will try to run the Flyers into the ground just to prove that they can beat them in the first round.

  • T. J. Noshie

T.J. Oshie missed the Capitals morning skate on a maintenance day. Oshie had been dealing with illness a few games before Monday night’s game against the Blue Jackets. During that game, Oshie took a slight hit that may have caused an injury.

If Oshie is out, the Capitals will be without one of their top 6 forwards making them just a bit less threatening.

  • Steve Mason in Net Again.

Of course he is. The only reason Dave Hakstol would risk putting Anthony Stolarz in for the first time against the Washington Capitals would be if Mason was injured or had just played 2 games in 2 days.

Mason has had a day to rest so there’s no rush to get Stolarz in net. In 15 career games against the Capitals, Mason has a 7-5-2 record with a .904 SV%.

  • The Voracek Effect.

Jake Voracek has had an off season in terms of scoring. Right now he only has 10 goals, and since returning from his most recent injury, he’s seemed a little off. He has said that his hands were giving him trouble, and they’re getting better slowly, but Voracek is feeling the intensity of the schedule.

“I’ve got no more excuses. The foot is fine. If I have a bad game I just have to blame it on myself … There’s no reason for me not to be a difference maker in those games.” –Dave Isaac

Today, Voracek said that the amount of games the Flyers have been playing lately -and the cross country trip back to Philadelphia- has him a bit fatigued. Now that the Flyers are home they should be better rested. If they’re going to make the playoffs and survive the first round, Voracek will need to find his scoring groove again.

In Fact, Voracek is doing everything but scoring. The Orange&BlackPack’s Michael DeNicola did a bit of investigation on Jake Voracek and how well he controls the puck entering the offensive zone. It’s an interesting read and proves that Voracek isn’t struggling in every aspect.

Twitter Convo: Jake Voracek

  • Former Flyer Drinking Game.

Mike Richards used to play for the Flyers. He’s had a difficult past year and finally found a place on the Washington Capitals.

Take a drink every time the broadcast team mentions “Former Flyer Mike Richards”. Make sure you’ve got your phone ready to call for an ambulance.


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