Paul Holmgren: Flyers fixer

The playoff race can make a man desperate. So desperate, in fact, that he might accidentally publicly announce his intentions to kidnap a teenager the help his team win.

Maybe Holmgren is actually going as crazy as we thought. Or maybe he’s doing what needs to be done to get the Flyers into the playoffs. Tonight the Flyers are hosting the Detroit Red Wings who are currently only 3 points ahead of them in the standings.

With a win, the Flyers move to one point out of the playoffs. If they lose, well …

Dylan Larkin is the second highest scorer on the Red Wings with 20 goals and 40 points, and the Flyers won’t be getting Jake Voracek back in the lineup tonight like we thought. If Larkin went missing a few minutes before the game, it’s hard to imagine the Flyers wouldn’t be better off.

And if the Red Wings happen to find Larkin passed out on the team bus after the game, then technically they can’t call the police … right?



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