Tanner Glass threatens Simmonds

Last Saturday, Wayne Simmonds punched New York Rangers captain Ryan McDonagh in the face and was ejected from the game. The punch to the face was the result of McDonagh crosschecking Simmonds in the back of the head. The incident has been talked about non-stop for almost a week now.

On Wednesday, longtime referee now TSN analyst Kerry Fraser gave his opinions about the Simmonds/McDonagh incident and seemingly ended the discussion. In his column, Fraser explains that both players deserved a match penalty.

…why I believe McDonagh should have also been assessed a match penalty for his deliberate cross-check to the head of Simmonds.

There’s a different issue that comes from this whole debacle. The Rangers organization isn’t opposed to spouting off their mouths no matter hos bad of an idea it may be. Rangers coach Alain Vigneault went on a bit of a rant against Simmonds saying things like “What I didn’t expect was the reaction from the league,” And also. “When an all-star player gets sucker-punched and goes down, I wonder if that’s [Sidney] Crosby what happens, what are the consequences?”

Let’s not talk about the last player who got suspended for hitting Crosby, because it would probably make Vigneault feel dumb.

Rangers forward Tanner Glass offered a threat to Wayne Simmonds on Tuesday after a Rangers practice. In an interview with Newsday he said:

“You’ve got to think team first; you’re not taking a penalty,” Glass said after Tuesday’s practice at the MSG Training Center. “Then you’ve just got to let him know it’s not going to be tolerated . . . He’ll know.

“He’s a dangerous player . . . He hacks and slashes. He’s been in enough altercations to know that it’s coming. It’s hockey. Everyone knows.

“I know what I’m doing,” Glass added. “The older you get, the more fights you’re in, the more you become comfortable with it, I think for me anyway.”

Tanner Glass is basically a less popular, less redeemable, less talented version of John Scott. He’s a 4th liner who usually wouldn’t even share the ice with Simmonds. Barstool Sports asks this important question “I don’t even know how Tanner Glass and Wayne Simmonds end up on the ice together unless AV is really that fucking dumb and willing to risk that mismatch.”

So would Vigneault be so stupid to try to have Tanner Glass keep up with a Simmonds-Giroux-Voracek line? Well, I think based on the Rangers coach’s comments we can assume that yeah, he is definitely that stupid. Rival coaches have a tendency to do really dumb things when playing the Flyers.

The last time Simmonds and Glass fought, Glass was on the Penguins. There’s history. Can’t wait to see how Glass screws his team over on Sunday.

Simmonds isn’t worried about Glass’ comments, though. When asked about the threats Simmonds told reporters “I’m laughing,” and “I am going to play a hockey game.”


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