Radko Gudas suspended 3 games.

Philadelphia Flyers Defenseman, Radko Gudas has been suspended 3 games after delivering a “questionable” hit on Ottawa Senators Mika Zibinejad. The Department of player safety have released a video saying it was an illegal check to the head and quote ‘If Gudas wants to deliver this check, he has to do it in a legal manner.”

Let’s take a look at the hit:




Quick breakdown:  Flyers Giroux and Senators Stone line up for a face-off. Stone wins the face-off cleanly and the puck gets to Zibinejad. Radko Gudas comes in and delivers a hit. Yes, it was a headshot.


Should Gudas have been suspended? Yes, it was a hit to the head. Is that what we are mad about? No. Here’s the deal. The NHL department of player safety (DoPS) has been so inconsistent that it’s actually mind boggling. ‘Intent to injure’ was the main reason that the hit was being reviewed.  If that is the case, shouldn’t Brad Malone be suspended for a hit on Flyers Forward Sam Gagner who is STILL having issues and isn’t cleared for contact?

“But, Malone didn’t follow through with his elbow”

Want another example? Here is a good one.


The Flyers first contest against former 4th line talent, Zac Rinaldo on October 25th didn’t end too well. Right before the end of the first period former hart and grit player,  Rinaldo delivered an ILLEGAL check after leaving his feet and following through with his elbow for a HEAD SHOT on Sean Couturier. Rinaldo, despite having an extensive history, wasn’t given any suspension. Couturier was also injured on the play, out for 11 days.


At the end of the day, if the Department of Player Safety was more consistent with it’s suspensions, I think we would be taking this a lot better. Gudas will return to action (If he isn’t a healthy scratch) next Thursday Against the Hurricanes.

Gudas has responded to the suspension: “I don’t necessarily agree with the league’s decision but I accept and respect it, and I’ll move on from here and prepare myself for when I return.”

Spoken like a true professional.

I think we should get some hot takes?

You are in my thoughts, you beautiful, bearded man.


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