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The Internet is full of hot headed fans and dumb ass professionals who have a platform to put their opinions out to the public. Hot Taeks is a new weekly column where we scour the internet for the best rumors, opinions, and insiderr information and present them to you. We take the Hot Takes and present them to you with a pair of OvenGloves.

This week with the Flyers have been nothing less than depressing. In a stretch of games that should have been winnable and kept the Flyers in the playoff race, they only managed one win. Then on Tuesday, they were shut out by an Avalanche defense that is arguably just as bad as ours; if not worse. They lost multiple leads just to fall apart against the Capitals, which led to another closed-door meeting and a new flurry of trade rumors. What a time to be alive for #HotTeaks.

It’s no secret that Jake Voracek has had his fair share of scoring struggles this season. After a few games, it started to become a dominant storyline. At 16 games people were calling Voracek a total bust, Hextall an idiot for re-signing him and the Flyers doomed to blow up the whole roster. The 1st line duo is under major scrutiny from fans for not having scored 45 goals each in the first 17 games. So the regular Takes come boiling to the top of twitter, and we’ve heard them all before.




The absolute hottest takes, as we all know, come from fans of OTHER teams who don’t want to stick to their market.

Not sure what the point of this tweet is. In it, two Sons of Penn articles are pointed out mockingly to, I guess, make people think that Flyers fans can’t make up their mind and don’t know what they’re talking about. In the first article, they look at the possibility of trading Simmonds, because Brayden Schenn is capable of filling in the same role. The next article points out a very obvious rule of hockey: DON’T SELL LOW ON GOOD PLAYERS.

The Royal Half seems to have taken “Brayden Schenn is good, don’t trade him for pucks” to mean “Brayden Schenn is FUCKING TERRIBLE DITCH THE PLUG.” Trying to burn the bloggers: Failed.

While we’re on the topic of trades, though, there’s a lot of damn trade rumors and Flyers fans have become Ed Snider level impatient. Recently, it’s been said that Colorado Avalanche center, Matt Duchene is on the trading block and Flyers fans have gone nuts about it. Forget for a second the fact that we already have way too many centers to begin with, The price for a player like Duchene is something like one of our Defensive prospects, Simmonds/Couturier/Schenn and draft picks which we know Hextall doesn’t want to let go of.

 Two of the three “Rookie D Men” he named aren’t rookies and don’t play defense.


I would love to see that, please try it.

The absolute hottest take of the week, maybe even the month comes from some guy who takes the “Don’t sell Low” philosophy and turns it up 1000%.

If you want an idea of how bad this article is, the very first line is this: “DURING BASEBALL’S General Managers Meetings in Florida this week, word seeped out that the Phillies were willing to listen to offers for their young closer, Ken “100-miles-an-hour” Giles.”

Three paragraphs after that talk about Ken Giles. This is a Flyers article in case you forgot.

Now sure, the idea of trading superstars makes sense if your team is rebuilding. The Leafs made it very clear that they were starting over from the ground up and then traded Phil Kessel, their top scorer for the past 6 or 7 years; they even fired all their scouts. The Flyers are not a rebuilding team. The Flyers are not going to “Blow everything up” the Flyers are not 5-8 years away from winning again. All of Hextall’s patience is put into transitioning the prospects into the lineup; they’re not all gonna be thrown on there at once like people seem to think. While the young guys come up and learn the game, we still need a team that can compete, and we have one.

Once the young supporting cast can come up to help the core, we will have a winning team. The point of building a dynasty is to have more than one generation of a team that can win. We are in Giroux’s generation it will be a long time until we see a whole new core. We are not a “win now” team, we’re also not a “win in 9 years” team and calling what Hextall is doing a rebuild is misinformed.

The Best of the rest:






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