Hot Takes

The Internet is full of hot headed fans and dumb ass professionals who have a platform to put their opinions out to the public. Hot Taeks is a new weekly column where we scour the internet for the best rumors, opinions, and insiderr information and present them to you. We take the Hot Takes and present them to you with a pair of OveGloves.


Last week the Flyers made their way across Canada in a less than successful road trip (3 losses, 1 win). There were a lot of Hot takes that came from the road trip, but people paid the most attention to the Flyers November 3rd game against the Edmonton Oilers. During the game, Brandon Manning and Michael Del Zotto got together and literally killed Connor McDavid. Here’s the hit that all of Edmonton is enraged about:

It’s not surprising that the dirtiest team in the league would cause the demise of the reincarnation of Wayne Gretzky. Oilers fans took to twitter to remind everyone that the Flyers are still dirtier than James Neal.




And just in case you didn’t hear about McDavid getting injured, TSN had you covered.


After a few games, Oilers fans calmed down and decided to switch to just wishing McDavid well and hoping his recovery is quick. Enter GOOD OLD CANADIAN BROADCASTER DON CHERRY.

That’s right you wonderful Canadian boys and gals old Donny is here to keep you in the know. He won’t let you forget what dem Flyeras want you to go and forget! And that’s that the Flyers Brennan Manding and dat there Don Zotto character took out Conny McDavid on purpose!


That’s right walking caricature Don Cherry took to the airwaves in the 1st intermission of the Flyers/Jets game on Saturday to tell everyone the dang truth! In fact, Don may have gotten to something that goes even deeper than just Connor McDavid. According to Don, Brandon Manning isn’t just the sub-par defenseman we thought, in fact, Manning is so clever that he managed to kill Connor McDavid and make everyone think it was just an accident.


Oh and Don Cherry was dressed like this while presenting his facts:



The Best fo the Rest:

Voracek has had his struggles this season and has time after time been unlucky with scoring chances; which obviously means he has the worst contract ever given since maybe Andrew MacDonald. Of course it must be time to blow everything up, I mean these contracts are the absolute worst in history so it only makes sense that we immediately trade them…because trading Vinny Lecavalier was a great way to get rid of his stupid contract (oh wait).










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