The Flyers lost because we made fun of Jamie Benn


If you hadn’t heard already, the Flyers had a 5-day break before their game on Tuesday night and god did they look like a team that was just coming off a 5-day break. After putting up two shutout wins last week, the Flyers were forced to cool off.


The first two periods were just bad. For a majority of the time on ice, the Dallas Stars controlled the puck and put major pressure on the Flyers in their own zone. Steve Mason, who has been out of action for a week, was also shaking off some rust. In the last minute of the first period, a bouncing puck got past Brandon Manning and fooled Steve Mason giving Tyler Seguin a goal. In the first minute of the second period, Jamie Benn put a shot over Mason’s glove to give the Stars a two-goal lead. Which brings us to the REAL reason the Flyers lost last night.

Yeah, there was no shortage of Jamie Benn jokes on the night because that’s what you do when your team isn’t playing too great. If you don’t get the joke, months ago Jamie Benn made a comment suggesting that he doesn’t “go down” as it were, and the internet exploded mocking his terrible “secret” code and thus the bunch mox jokes were born. Here’ are some of the gems that gave us bad karma.


By the third period, the Flyers had started playing more like the Flyers that we’ve seen so far this season. They started shutting down the neutral zone and getting pressure on the Stars. Unfortunately, twenty minutes just isn’t enough for the Flyers to mount a comeback, especially with Anti Niemi pulling off miracles on every shot attempt.

Sean Couturier managed to bounce a Wayne Simmonds rebound off of his leg to keep the Stars from getting a shutout, but that’s all the luck the Flyers would have. Wednesday’s game in Boston shouldn’t start as bad; hopefully all the rust is sufficiently scrubbed off and the Flyers can get back to playing well above our pre-season expectations.


Hope you weren’t looking for in-depth analysis. They were rusty after 5 days off. Jamie Benn jokes are funny when done right. Hopefully we don’t look so shitty against the Bruins.


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