Jake Voracek extension signed

Two days after signing Sean Couturier to a multi-year contract extension, the Flyers announced that Jake Voracek agreed to an extension. Voracek’s extension is for eight years and will be worth $8.25 million per season.


In his four seasons with the Flyers, Voracek ahs proven himself to be an elite level talent in the NHL. In the last two seasons alone, Voracek has 143 points (45 goals, 98 assists). This extension, worth $66million overall, gives Voracek the 10th highest cap hit in the league, and it’s well deserved. This is in no way an overpayment. Voracek is arguably the best player on the team and his stats are comparable to players like Phil Kessel, Steven Stamkos and Jonathan Toews. Each of those players are signed to similar deals. There is no way that the Flyers were gonna get Voracek for a steal, what they did end up with was a fair deal for an elite player.

The way this team is being built is focused on the future. We have a core of elite offensive talent with talented players around them. When the defense finally gets together this team will be a contender, and we could see that in as soon as two or three years.


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