The Flyers miss out on Zaitsev….maybe

Back in late May when the Flyers signed Russian defenseman Yevgeny Medvedev, it was also known that the Flyers had a high interest in Nikita Zaitsev, another defenseman. We hoped that Medvedev coming to Philadelphia would help influence Zaitsev to follow suit, but Zaitsev announced that he would be staying in the KHL (for one more season).

Eaarlier today, Igor Eronko, a reporter tweeted that Zaitsev would be signing with the Leafs.


So it looked like the Flyers had missed the boat on a defenseman that told us he’d be staying in Russia.

But Maayybbee

About a half an hour later, Eronko tweeted that Zaitsev’s agent denied the report.


People were probably confused because Zaitsev was in Toronto visiting some people (like the Leafs front office).


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