Kimmo Timonen closer to a storybook ending

If you’re one of those Flyers fans saying one of the following things about the Stanley Cup Final, then you can go ahead and stop reading this.

  1. I can’t root for the Blackhawks, EVER. I don’t care who’s on the team I can’t support them.
  2. I want Braydon Coburn to win.

Sorry, it’s nice that you have an opinion, but learn to admit when you’re wrong. 2010 is over, I hate the past loss to, it stung, it sucked and I also hated the Blackhawks for a few years after, but it’s over and they’re about to be in a cap position that will force them to remodel their whole lineup anyway so soon we could be reveling in their struggles. If they can survive the cap situation and losing some big players and STILL come out as a powerhouse next season, then they’re just that good and the only thing to hate them for is how well their team is managed (and turn some of that hatred towards Paul Holmgren and “win-now”). Besides, rooting against Kimmo Timonen shows what a horrible person you are.

You want Braydon Coburn to win a Stanley Cup? Well, unless he suffers a massive career-ending injury, he’s gonna have at least a few years to do that on a Tampa Bay team that is obviously a Cup contender, and we know that the Flyers won’t be real contenders for a few seasons so if you ABSOLUTELY have to root for Coburn to win a Cup you can do it the next few seasons. If you’re rooting for Coburn to win this over Timonen winning his first Cup the season he retires well then I’m just not sure what to say to you.

Kimmo Timonen giddy like a school girl.

happy Kimmo

On Saturday night, Timonen was on the ice for Antoine Vermette’s game winning goal in game five. He only saw about three minutes of ice time in the whole game, but it’s better than being a healthy scratch. With the Blackhawks up in the series 3-2 and one game away from another Cup, Kimmo Timonen is getting a bit enthusiastic.


Teravainen has been closest to his fellow Finn since Timonen was traded to Chicago,  and now the 20-year-old has to calm his new mentor down after a win. It’s both a humorous and somewhat touching image, the veteran on the verge of retirement having to be corralled by a 20-year-old.

The only other time Timonen has been to a Stanley Cup game 6 was back in 2010. Coming to Philly for game six, trying to force a game seven, Timonen was on the team that would have to struggle to come back and pull off a storybook ending. That game didn’t end the way we wanted it to, we were lost and confused and it hurt, and then the decline started. Now, Timonen is on the side that is on top of the hill and ready to win. The Blackhawks have a reputation for winning in high-pressure situations and pulling wins out of their ass, so it’s safe to assume that Timonen has a bit to be excited about.

The small role that Timonen has been playing hasn’t dampened his spirits, he understands why coach Quinville has used him sparingly. “It’s been tough and frustrating at times, but I knew it’s going to be a struggle,” said Timonen. “We have to remember I’m 40 years old and I didn’t skate for eight months. I didn’t put my skates on for eight months, which is probably the biggest thing. …After being a healthy scratch for the first three games in the series, Timonen got placed in the lineup and secured his spot on the Cup, should Chicago win. Despite barely 4 minutes of ice time per game, Timonen has had some nice moments, like almost netting a goal from the point in game 4.


If the Hockey Gods are feeling a bt generous, maybe we’ll see one last Timonen goal before he hangs up his skates.


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