Could the Flyers land Russian standout Zaitsev?

Will Dave Hakstol’s quotes help bring in CSKA Moscow defenseman Nikita Zaitsev?

via (Matt Slocum/AP)

via Matt Slocum/AP

Two seasons ago the Flyers attempted to sign Nikita Zaitsev but he declined and stayed with CSKA Moscow of the KHL, however this year could be different. With the signing of Dave Hakstol and how he wants to run his defense, now is the perfect time for both the Flyers and Zaitsev to join together. Zaitsev, 23, is an undrafted, right-handed shooting defenseman who describes as someone who “plays a smart two-way game. He is a fine passer and has a good shot from the point. Could improve his physical game and add some bulk.”

When we revisit some of Hakstol’s quotes about wanting the defense to get more involved, it sounds like he’d fit the role pretty well, even if it takes a year in the AHL to transition his game (as some have suggested). Another reason to believe this could happen is because of a credible poster on the HF Boards:


(click to enlarge)

Posted just around 2 hours before anything official showed up, FeedDaPuck, called yet another Flyers’ signing from overseas and he’s got a pretty good track record at doing it as well, going all the way back to 2010 when they called the Nikolai Zherdev signing (x). So, we might just be seeing Nikita Zaitsev at the Flyers upcoming camp along with the newest addition, Yevgeny Medvedev.


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