Oh look Braydon Coburn did a thing

And he did it in the playoffs. While he did manage to single-handedly salvage part of my bracket, Coburn’s game winning goal against the Detroit Red Wings didn’t do the Flyers any favors.

Coburn has never been known as a goal scorer, but his first goal with the Tampa Bay Lightning came at a critical moment. The lone goal in the game pushed the Lightning to the second round of the playoffs to face the Canadiens.

Besides making a few Flyers fans salty about the Braydon Coburn negativity, The Lightning moving on in the playoffs means that their 1st round draft pick is lower. That’s the 1st round pick that they traded to the Flyers in exchange for Coburn, we’d like for that pick to be higher. So the farther the Lightning go the lower that pick is.

With Philadelphia luck, the Lightning will probably go on to win the Cup with #FormerFlyer Braydon Coburn (and Matt Carle).




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