Reviewing Craig Berube’s comments

Craig Berube said some rather shocking things in his latest interview today, including suggesting Sean Couturier is making excuses and needs to be more like Patrice Bergeron.

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Both fans and media personnel have been questioning the security of Berube’s job for awhile now, but now he’s just digging himself a deeper hole with his recent comments towards forwards Vincent Lecavalier and more importantly, Sean Couturier. After Couturier mentioned earlier today that he doesn’t want to be known as just a defensive specialist and more-so known for a strong two-way game, Berube fired back saying that he is “creating excuses” for his lack of offensive production. He then went on about how Patrice Bergeron succeeds in the same role Couturier is placed in but the problem there is that it just simply is not true. Bergeron received 109 more (5v5) offensive zone starts this season than Couturier and is also on Boston’s top powerplay unit. Couturier got little powerplay time and when he did it was on the second unit with the likes of RJ Umberger (9 goals) and Matt Read (8 goals). Neither of which are even close to the same caliber players Bergeron plays with. Even with all that, Couturier ends the season with just 9 less even strength points than Bergeron. Berube then suggested that he is not getting too many defensive zone starts and that it is “his job”. It may be his job to shutdown the opposing star players but to expect a 50 point season with it is a little far-fetched. Not only is he getting tougher usage 5v5 than Bergeron, he’s also averaging over 40 seconds more shorthanded time on ice per game than Bergeron. Couturier saw 687 defensive zone starts this season which is 7th among forwards, all of which are older than Couturier who is still just 22 years old.

So with his comments earlier this season about Steve Mason needing to fight through the screens and be better, followed by saying Couturier not getting offensive starts is making excuses, is it time for the Flyers to say goodbye to Berube? I’d say so, and so does Vincent Lecavalier who basically said this morning that he doesn’t want to play here if he remains the coach.


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