What to look forward to without the playoffs

The Flyers have been mathematically eliminated from the playoffs this season. Not that we’re surprised, we did kind of expect this before this season started, but it still stings to hear.


Unfortunately, there’s still six games left in the season and not much to be excited about without post-season hockey to look forward to. To make the most out of the end of the season here are some things you can maybe enjoy a little bit as a Flyers before this season is over and you go root for Kimmo Timonen and the Blackhawks to win the cup.

Keeping the Penguins below the Islanders:

Right now, the Penguins are tied with the New York Islanders for 2nd place in the Metro with 95 points. Two of the Flyers next three games are against the Penguins, giving the Flyers a chance to hold the Penguins in the standings and let the Isles get ahead of them.  With the Capitals close behind at 92 points, the Flyers could even drag the Penguins down to 4th place.

The IIHF World Championships:

The International Ice Hockey world championships are coming up and with the Flyers not going to the playoffs, a number of players are expected to get invites from their home countries to play in the tournament.

Jake Voracek would be one of the players expected to get an invite from the Czech Republic; the IIHF will also be held in the Czech Republic this year.

Pierre-Edouard Bellemare  and Michael Raffl have also said that they’ll definitely be playing overseas for their home countries of France and Austria. Steve Mason probably won’t be playing in the offseason, using the time off to finally recover from the knee injury that he’s apparently never fully healed from.

“It might be a good time for me to rest, especially with my knee,” Mason said to members of the media. “It’d be good once the season is over to really rest the knee … the priority for me is the health factor.”

Coaching overhaul:

This may not go the way we want at all, but it will still be something to watch out for. We’ve hated and hated on Berube’s terrible personnel decisions and it’s become more and more obvious that he isn’t really sure how to run a hockey team. We’re hoping and praying that Hextall sees the issue and makes a change.

But with Berube’s contract still another year long, we may have to suffer through at least that before we get relief from Berube.

Kimmo Timonen winning the Cup:

Yeah yeah, I know what I said, but you still have to look forward to this. You have to pray that the Hawks can get through the western teams and win the cup because you want Kimmo Timonen to achieve his dream because he deserves it goddamnit!


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