Flyers steamroll the Red Wings

Flyers score 7 goals vs the Detroit Red Wings, who are the 5th place team in the conference. The Flyers won 7-2 after loosing in a shootout 1-0 to the Blues. Brayden Schenn was robbed of a hat trick had two goals and one assist.

2-0 was shocking. 3-1 was unheard of. BUT 7-2?!?!? WHAT WAS THAT? I was super happy while watching that I had already claimed this game :). Anyways, we should probably talk about the hat trick that never was.

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Brayden Schenn. Either you’ll hear words of praise or words of criticism. People tend to not be in the middle when it comes to him. But today? Holy shoot that was probably his best game as a Flyer to date. Regardless of whether the first goal was Wayne’s or Brayden’s, that goal was great. Then, his second first goal then was marvelous as well. He didn’t stop on the play and scored while falling down. Great pass by Giroux as well. The third second goal came eleven seconds into the final period. He scored off a wide rebound from Voracek and he just nailed it home.

While a majority of the arena knew (based on the number of fallen hats) that the first goal was credited to Simmonds, quite a number of hats still fell onto the ice. While it was upsetting to fans that this player just scored what would be his first hat trick and now they say that even though they more than likely both hit it at the same time (both Schenn and Simmonds have said this), they decide to credit it to the other. It is a fact that they changed the credit during the second intermission, yet the NHL did not announce it until right after the what was thought to be the third goal.

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Players of the game without a doubt are Steve Mason and Brayden Schenn.

Mason had many (as per usual) saves that would keep the game in the Flyers’s favor. One of the saves may end up being the save of the year for the Flyers in my opinion! He was once again stellar, proving himself as the most consistent Flyer this year.

Brayden Schenn was one for all of the right reasons I’ve listed about. He played, with out a doubt, the best game in an orange jersey.

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Nick Cousins was recalled around 10:20 pm on Saturday night. Rumors are that it is to replace RJ Umberger, but after Lecavalier’s play of late, I would expect to see him scratched tomorrow against Ottawa in favor of Cousins. Cousins is currently 5th in the AHL for scoring and has 38 points over the last 29 games played.


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