Chip Kelly, blowing up the roster

Chip Kelly has been a hot topic ever since becoming the Eagles head coach but over one night he has made himself the biggest story in the NFL. Kelly, who is now the director of player personnel, is pretty much blowing up the old team that he was given and making a team in his own mad scientist vision. Kelly has made a grocery list of moves so far which include trading LeSean McCoy for Kiko Alonso, cutting Trent Cole, Cary Williams, and Todd Herramans, signing Byron Maxwell, letting Jeremy Maclin walk, re-signing Brandon Graham, and re-signing Mark Sanchez to a new two-year deal.

Then Kelly made the biggest move that Eagles fans could imagine and traded Nick Foles, a 2015 4th round pick, and a 2016 2nd round pick to the St. Louis Rams for QB Sam Bradford and a 2015 5th round pick. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that if Bradford does not play at all the Eagles will get 3rd round and if he plays less than half of his the Eagles will get a 4th round pick.


Bradford was the first overall pick of the 2010 NFL Draft. Bradford is 18-30-1, has a 58.6 completion percentage, threw 59 touchdowns, and 38 interceptions. His stats are pretty average, but Bradford is also very injury prone; he has only played all 16 games twice in his career. Bradford is also coming off a torn ACL from last preseason. This seemingly insane move has obviously made Eagles fans either just slightly angry or completely distrustful of Chip Kelly.What it seems like at first glance is that Kelly is finally putting everything together so that he can acquire the 1st overall pick that will let him draft Marcus Mariota. That’s what it seems like at first, but some people are skeptical with good reason. If Kelly really doesn’t plan on playing Bradford, how is an injured and unproven QB going to be a better bargaining chip to get the 1st pick than Nick Foles? Kelly also gave up a few draft picks that were either rumored to be part of the Mariota deal or would have been useful in getting the 1st overall pick. There is still a chance that Kelly gets Mariota though as most of the fanbase is hoping he will.

 In addition to all this, it has been rumored that the Eagles and the NFL leading rusher DeMarco Murray have mutual interest in making a deal.


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