Kimmo Timonen better not coach for the Blackhawks

The fans here in Philly have known for a while now that Kimmo Timonen has made the decision to finish his career after this season. What we’re not quite sure of is what Timonen will do after this season.

Now I’ve been saying this all along, maybe not on the internet, maybe not on here, but I’ve been yelling it at anyone who is remotely near me that, after Timonen retires, which he’ll do on a one-day contract in Philadelphia, he SHOULD join the Flyers coaching staff as a defensive coach. And now this happens…

No doubt having Timonen as a defensive mentor for the Flyers defensive prospects would be an invaluable asset to the team. What we hope is that he isn’t thinking about staying in Chicago after his retirement to coach there. We already lost Timonen once we really don’t want to lose him forever.

Timonen has been getting along well in Chicago, especially with fellow Finnish player, Tuevo Teravainen.


Timonen has been getting along well with the young Center and it’s scary to think that he could be trapped into staying in Chicago after this season.




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