We react to the Timonen trade

Kimmo Timonen has been traded to the Chicago Blackhawks for a 2nd round pick in 2015 and a conditional pick in 2016. Puttin Timonen in a position to win a Stanley Cup in his final games in the NHL.

With the news, Flyers twitter erupted with emotional responses to the trade. Responses ranged from understanding of why Hextall made the move to calling Hextall more evil than Holmgren.

We here at Evening the Score can’t help but voice our opinions on the very emotional trade.

Brad- “Wow, Kimmo Timonen isn’t a Flyer…that’s just. That’s just crazy. Less than 24 hours before he was going to make his return, he’s traded to Chicago. I like the trade though, as much as I wish he could play again as a Flyer, I do like the trade. Kimmo gets a chance to play on a cup contender in Chicago, and we get a 2nd round pick. If Chicago makes the Stanley Cup Finals, that turns into two 2nd round picks (2015 and 2016). That’s actually a real good return for a guy who is going to retire after this year, and hasn’t played since last season. It really sucks, but at the same time it’s good for us, and Kimmo. Class act, wish nothing but the best for him – and Go Blackhawks”

Kathleen- I” honestly have no words right now. Kimmo was one of my favorite players ever. He was not only a great person and active in the community, but he was a smart player. Believe it or not, Brad was the one I found out from. As soon as I heard the news I was shocked. I expected it to be coming, I’d even told my dad I was expecting a trade tonight. But it didn’t feel like it would be Kimmo even though everyone knew it was a possibility. He’s Kimmo. No matter what, everyone rooted for Kimmo. We all were ready for 8 pm puck drop. We were all ready to be there, whether sitting with 20,000 others wearing orange or at our homes, we were ready. It seems so unreal still. Hell, I was about to buy tickets for myself and a friend before I got the text.

But no matter what, it’s the logistics of hockey. Kimmo more than likely had a role in initiating the trade. And while it hurts to see him go, we need to remember his goal. The Cup. And sorry to break it to everyone, but this year is not our year. It’s for the best. It hurts, but he’s healthy. That’s all that it boils down to. A healthy player getting his last chance at a Cup.
And hopefully he gets it. “
Aj- “I’m torn between hating it and not watching the rest of the season, and loving it just for Timonen’s sake. It’s good for everyone, even though Hawks fans seem to grossly underestimate Timonen’s ability which is annoying as hell. I’ve already said my piece, for the most part. Again I hope he wins the Cup with the Blackhawks, as gross as that sounds. Good Finnish God of Defense.”
There are also some of the best twitter reactions and initial thoughts.:

And of Course Timonen’s final words to Philly…  

The conditional pick is a 4th round pick but becomes a 2nd round pick if the Blackhawks  win two rounds and Timonen plays 50% of their games. If Chicago wins three rounds with Timonen playing 50% of the third series, it’ll become a 2nd round pick.



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