Flyers trade Kimmo Timonen

We’ve been talking about the possibility of Kimmo Timonen being traded away to a cup contending team ever since he announced that he would be returning this season. Now the predictions have come true and it’s much harder to accept than we could have anticipated. Timonen was traded to the Chicago Blackhawks for a 2015 2nd round pick and a conditional pick in 2016.

We waited intently every week for an announcement of Timonen’s status after receiving treatment for blood clots that kept him out most of the season. We rejoiced when he announced that he would definitely be coming back to finish the season, and we were also saddened by the news that this would be his final season, even though we kind of knew that before. We watched as the veteran defenseman skated on his own for weeks getting back into playing shape and then last week when he started practicing with his teammates again. Yesterday Timonen decided that his return date would be this Saturday’s game against the New York Rangers at the Wells Fargo Center. We were all set to celebrate his return with a whole stadium chant. It was going to be amazing and heartwarming and it was gonna bring a tear to everyone’s eye and we would all be sad and happy; now we’re just sad.

We all knew that Timonen wanted to have a long last stretch of games, he wanted to go out in the best possible way and the Flyers were not going to get him that big final season that he wanted. We did hope that he would be traded to the Nashville Predators, where he began his career, under Laviolette for a nice neat ending to his career. Since the Predators have been a favorite to make it to the Stanley Cup, it would’ve been nice to see Timonen get there. Perhaps that trade would have happened had Timonen been healthy just a few days earlier, but the Predators acquired Cody Franson from the Leafs eliminating any defensive needs they may have had. Recently it’s also been a possibility that the Flyers could have pulled off a miracle and made a wildcard spot with amazing luck. Timonen definitely would have helped the Flyers run, but with their recent trend of losing to teams at the bottom of the League, making the playoffs has seemed more unrealistic.

Kimmo Timonen has been an amazing athlete for Philadelphia. He will be sorely missed by teammates and fans alike, especially fans. He may not be wearing orange and black anymore, but he will always be a Flyer. We hope that he comes back for a day next season to retire in Philadelphia, we hope that the Blackhawks can do for him what the Flyers never did. Although it is somewhat disgusting to say, I have never wanted the Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup more than I do now.

Good luck Kimmo Timonen, Finnish God of Defense, we’ll miss you.




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