Flyers game day predictions

The Flyers are trying to pull some Frankenstein magic with their 2015 season and bring it back to life and into the playoffs. If there was a time that the schedule makes it seem possible, it’s now. they’re only four points out of a playoff wildcard spot and they need to take advantage of every game that they play, which they haven’t exactly been doing lately. After a win against the Predators, the top team in the league, and then another win against the Capitals the Flyers should have some serious momentum and energy going into tonight’s game.

Tonight the Flyers have what is considered an easy game. An easy two points, but as we’ve seen over the past few “easy” games, the Flyers don’t always play to beat the competition. The Hurricanes may not be having the best season, but the Flyers aren’t exactly amazing against lower tier teams. Don’t underestimate the Canes and don’t overestimate the Flyers.

Predictions: Flyers vs Hurricanes

KATHLEEN:  4-2 Flyers Win.

2 Stars: Wayne Simmonds and Claude Giroux. Simmonds has been stellar the last 10 or so games and will look to continue this streak. Giroux is getting out of a slump but looked good vs the Capitals so I would expect to see an energized captain.

Player vs Player: Nathan Gerbe vs Michael Del Zotto. DZ has been consistent thus far with the Flyers and it will be interesting to see how he plays against some quick forwards. The Hurricanes have not been having the best season, and an even worse one than the Flyers, if you can believe that. It should be interesting with one team close to a Wildcard spot and the other wishing they were.

BRAD:  4-1 Flyers Win.

2 Stars: Jakub Voracek and Sean Couturier.

Player vs Player: Nathan Gerbe vs Jakub Voracek. Gerbe’s speed is always an issue for slow defensemen, aka, the Flyers defense and Voracek should get some open space with the ‘Canes not having the best d-core themselves.

AJ:  3-2 Flyers Win (OT)

2 Stars: Wayne Simonds and Claude Giroux. Simmonds has been on a hot streak, hope it continues. Giroux is due for something.

Player vs Player: Cam Ward vs Rob Zepp. As most of the Flyers games have been this season, this will be a goalie battle. The Flyers offense has been snake bitten in the last few games, with only Wayne Simmonds on a hot streak right now, and Cam Ward is playing at a personal best. The game will depend on Rob Zepp’s performance.



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