Flyers blow 3-1 lead in Columbus

I mean, they got one point at least. Slowly, slowly making ground on the Boston Bruins who lost to the Canucks last night, keeping them within a seven-point range. But when you’re trying to drag yourself into a playoff spot, it’s pretty vital that you get two points out of EVERY game. Which the Flyers haven’t been able to do.

A combination of half-assed offense and the same terrible defense that they’ve had all season have made the last few games a struggle to watch.

In their latest contest, the Flyers managed to give up a two goal lead in the third period, allowing the Blue Jackets to win in overtime. All three of the Blue Jackets goals and the overtime winner were a result of complete defensive meltdowns, where the defensemen actually forgot how to play defense.

“It’s pretty embarrassing. We’re in the [Stanley Cup Playoff] hunt. You can’t have an effort like that. You’re not going to go far if we play like that. If we want to, we can be one of the best teams in the League. There’s something wrong losing these games the way we’re losing.” Couturier said to reporters post-game.

It was the second game in a row that the Flyers gave up a lead that lead to an overtime loss.  The Blue Jackets were the only team that had not yet come back from trailing to earn a point. The only team to not have had a comeback this season, but with the Flyers, there’s a first time for everything.

Wayne Simmonds became the first Flyers player to reach the 20 goal mark when he scored halfway through the first period to give the Flyers their first lead. An ill-timed Columbus line change allowed  Simmonds to take advantage of a lot of room and a lead off pass from Matt Read. Simmonds, along with Read and Couturier carried the Flyers, with all 3 goals coming from that line. Couturier scored in the second period to put the Flyers ahead again which gave the Flyers a statistical advantage over the Blue Jackets who had lost every game when they were trailing after the second period. Then early in the third Wayne Simmonds scored on the power play to give the Flyers a two goal advantage, which should have been enough. Then they broke down and allowed two Columbus goals.

In the overtime, the Flyers mad a pretty bad line change and left two Blue Jackets players wide open in front of the net allowing an easy goal.

Before the game, both teams honored Scott Hartnell after playing his 1,000th game earlier this week. Hartnell helped his (new) team with an assist on the tying goal in the third period.

We still miss you Hartsy.



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