Flyers Goaltending Woes

Steve Mason has been solid ever since he was traded in April 2013 from Columbus to Philadelphia. He was rarely hurt and almost made it the whole 13-14 season without an injury until a concussion hit. Ever since then however, he has been quite a infrequent sight on the ice.

Mason was hurt during Sunday’s matinee vs the Washington Capitals. What makes this injury odd however, is when it took place and how it happened.

Steve Mason is helped down the tunnel after an injury Sunday vs the Capitals. Photo credit:

Steve Mason is helped down the tunnel after an injury Sunday vs the Capitals. Photo credit:

During a TV timeout, Mason skated to the bench and was stretching his leg out when it appears something popped. Whatever it was, it caused him to be unable to skate or put weight on the injured leg. Before we even knew what was happening, Ray Emery was on the ice ready to go.

Now, the Flyers announced that their goalie will miss 2-3 weeks with a lower-body injury. This is a tough blow to the obviously struggling team, especially since this is Mason’s third injury in the past month. The team also announced that both sides have chosen to take the surgery route to pinpoint why Mason’s right knee has locked up on him three times since January 6th. The medical staff initially looked into surgery options around the All Star Weekend, but allowed Mason some time to attempt to prove his knee was okay. Obviously now, that plan backfired. They have a goalie that may be out a month or the season.

Over the past few weeks the Flyers have built up a little spark of hope in fans’ hearts for a playoff run, but that spark may be doused before it can become a confident flame. Now they are relying on Ray Emery and 21-year-old Anthony Stolarz to back this team and hopefully help propel them to within a few points of the Boston Bruins, who are currently in a wildcard spot.

Anthony Stolarz is a name Flyers fans have heard for years. He was drafted 2nd Round in 2012 and has played for the London Knights and the USA Hockey WJC Team most recently. Currently, he is splitting time with Rob Zepp. Zepp is another goalie we have seen play, and is 3-1 with the Flyers.

Rob Zepp Photo credit:

Rob Zepp
Photo credit:

You may think Rob Zepp would be the go-to for the Flyers, but the Phantoms also had an injury this weekend. Rob Zepp suffered a right leg injury against the Birmingham Senators.

This is Stolarz’s first NHL call-up, and if he plays in the next 2-3 weeks, he will face his first NHL action.


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