Flyers beat Capitals, Matt Niskanen eats his words


wilson eats his words
I want someone to print this picture out, and make sure that it is on every surface in Matt Niskanen’s line of sight for the next 3 days because it was probably Niskanen’s prediction that jinxed his team.

The Flyers have had a good record at home ever since beating the Penguins on January 20th, but now they face a 4 game road trip and they needed to get off to  a good start. A 3-1 win was a pretty good way to start off. They now have momentum going to Montreal, but they’ve also got a bit of an issue with Steve Mason’s fresh injury.

Strong 60 minutes:

For the first 12 minutes of the game, the Flyers managed to keep the Capitals from getting a single shot on goal. Usually, the Flyers are the ones held to about 4 shots for a period and a half so it was pleasant to see things turned around. Overall the Flyers held the Caps to 14 shots on goal, the whole game. The Capitals haven’t had that few shots on goal since March 18th ….in 2011.

Ray Emery, who hadn’t been to good lately and was probably suffering from some confidence issues, was solid in net taking Mason’s place after the starter left with a strange injury. Emery was forced to start at the beginning of a Caps power play without any warm up and saved 5 of the 6 shots against him.

The Flyers penalty kill was also uncharacteristically good. Remember the PK? The absolutely shitty penalty kill that required ate least one shot of tequila to sit through? They managed to hold off 7 of the 8 Capitals power plays. The one power play goal that the Caps did have was right after the Flyers killed off half of a 2 man advantage and somehow left Alex Ovechkin wide open in front of Emery. Overall the Flyers outplayed the Capitals and actually managed to play all 60 minutes for once this season.

The defensive play was a Flyers fan’s dream tonight and had people wondering why they always decide to learn how to play hockey at the end of the season. It really makes the first few months really painful to watch. Jake Voracek also ended a 2 game point drought with an empty netter late in the game.

The Flyers other goals came from Mark Streit from the point early on in the 2nd period and Wayne Simmonds tie breaker, a beautiful wrist shot that beat Holtby early in the 3rd.

Not a good day for goaltending:

Shit. We don’t know what happened, but it isn’t good. During a T.V. timeout, Steve Mason went over to the bench and tried to stretch a little and then bam, injury.

Mason made it most of the way through the 2nd period, but with 8:42 left in the period, Mason had to be walked off the ice and down to the locker room. Whatever happened to Mason in that little stretch was bad enough to make him unable to walk.


“He won’t be coming to [the Flyers’ next game in] Montreal, so it’s that serious,” Hextall told reporters after the game.

Emery did a fine job in Mason’s place, but now the Flyers face a minor backup issue. The usual call-up, Rob Zepp, was injured last night during a Phantoms game so he can’t be brought to Montreal to back up Emery. Instead, the Flyers are calling on Stolie the Goalie, Anthony Stolarz for backup. Stolarz is 21 years old and has no NHL experience, Hextall has even admitted that he isn’t ready for NHL level competition, but the Flyers are without any other options.


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