Flyers lose to Islanders, but Kimmo Timonen is back!



Nick Grossmann was put back in the lineup against the Islanders with the Flyers looking for their 5th straight win. Unfortunately, he brought his bad mojo back to the team and somehow cursed Luke Schenn and the Flyers team we were used to seeing this season came right back. Nick Shultz had his second goal of the season and Chris VandeVelde had his 5th goal in 7 games and those were the only good points in the game. They then gave up a 2 goal lead that, really, they shouldn’t have had in the first place, went to overtime and lost a shootout because of a terrible shootout lineup. Typical, you’ve heard it like 40 something times this season.

Let’s talk about the real news that everyone cares about now. Kimmo Timonen is coming back! After going a little back and forth last week and Hextall trying to keep the comeback under wraps, the Flyers decided to announce during the 1st period that Kimmo Timonen would resume skating and eventually make his way back with the team this season!


During the first intermission, Ron Hextall and Timonen had a small press conference announcing that Timonen would resume skating on his own for up to 2 weeks before re-joining the team during practices. Part of that announcement included Timonen telling us that the clot in his leg is chronic – it isn’t going anywhere. Despite that his doctors have given him the green light to start playing again. Timonen also said that this year is the definite last year that he’ll be playing, this is the end of the road.

After 8 months of hard work and medical diligence Timonen’s doctors agree that he’s healthy enough to return and Hextall has had enough time to mull over the decision and come to the conclusion that the risk for Kimmo is low enough to let him play.

Here’s the plot twist that a few people have already started catching on to though: Kimmo Timonen may request a trade to a team that doesn’t suck.

Apparently Hextall was hoping that Timonen would get healthy and then try to come back next season in a minor role. His leadership would definitely help the “big four” defensive prospects develop into major pieces for the Flyers blue line.“Like I said in September again I signed a one-year deal and I wanted to come out hard and play well and leave this game on a high note and it’s still the case,”

“Like I said in September again I signed a one-year deal and I wanted to come out hard and play well and leave this game on a high note and it’s still the case,”

Timonen feels like he’s old enough and wants to finish up this season. Finishing with the Flyers though, not exactly the “high note” that he might want to finish on.

This is Timonen’s last stretch, he’s coming back to a team that has no chance of getting to a playoff spot with a coach who makes such bad decisions that he’d probably bench Timonen anyway. Timonen spending his last days with the Flyers doesn’t really make much sense, especially since he’s said that his goal for this season (his last) was to finally try to get a Cup.

If Timonen really does want to finish his career on a “high note” he’s gonna want to get out of Philly. The main candidate that everyone seems to imagine would make the most sense, for Timonen at least, would be the Nashville Predators.

If he asks to go somewhere, nothing would be more apropos than a trade to Nashville, where it all began for the Finnish defenseman, and playing for Peter Laviolette, who had a very close relationship with him in Philadelphia.  — Tim Panaccio

That’s if the Predators even agree to take him. What would the Predators be willing to give up for an older defenseman who is literally at the end of his career? How much use would he be to them? It’d be nice for Timonen to join a team that has a really good chance at a deep playoff run, but Nashville management would have to agree to take part in this potential feel good story. If they do agree to the very minor trade, the Flyers should sign Timonen to a one-day contract next season so that he can properly retire here.


This morning Timonen started his solo skating in Voorhees. He expects to take maybe 2 weeks before he can skate in full team practices.

Well, like I said, it’s been a long process. You know, lotta meetings, lotta talk with different people and different doctors, you know, travel to different cities to see different doctors. Just today, to be out here and be back on the ice and feel like I’m part of the team, that kind of stuff…I was looking forward to it. That’s why I couldn’t really sleep.


Bonus: Here’s Timonen’s first press conference after being traded from Nashville to Philly all those years ago.


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