Kimmo Timonen ready to play!

That’s right now would be an appropriate time to get hype. While it hasn’t been officially announced yet, it seems like Kimmo Timonen is all set to return to the lineup.

Berube let the news slip today saying “I’m excited for him to be healthy and also excited for him to be coming back,”. Back on January 17th, GM Ron Hextall announced that the blood clots that had kept Timonen from playing for six months had cleared from his lungs, but were still present in his calf; meaning he couldn’t yet play, or that he couldn’t make a decision yet.

But now it seems like all the blood clots have cleared up and we’re assuming that he’s been medically cleared to play although there hasn’t been any actual news to suggest it. The Philadelphia Daily News even reported that Timonen was being fitted for skates earlier this week. Really we’re just going off a small Berube comment.

Now the question is, how long will it be until Timonen can get back on the ice?

“I don’t know,” Berube said. “I have no idea. … Depends on the person. He’s a pretty smart individual. I think that he’s kept himself in really good shape. Obviously, he has to get on the ice and put some work in. But Kimmo plays a lot of the game with his brain.”

Hopefully we’ll see him in the lineup sooner than later, but that also means that Hextall will have to clear some cap room for Timonen. This may prompt Hextall to make a trade and get rid of a contract that we maybe don’t need.


Apparently we may have been lied to about Timonen’s decision. After the surge of twitter chatter about Timonen returning, Hextall addressed the media to tell us that he doesn’t actually have a decision regarding Timonen returning yet.


There are also some questions as to why Timonen would want to come back to a team as in the gutter as this year’s Flyers. Some think that Timonen may be hoping to be traded to a competitive team. While it would be pretty upsetting to see Timonen wearing a jersey that isn’t orange, it would be wonderful for Timonen to actually have another chance at winning the Cup.




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