ASG: Team Giroux tops Team Voracek

voracek and johnny hockey

Jakub Voracek utilizes Johnny Gaudreau as a prop in the NHL Breakaway Challenge

The NHL All-Star weekend kicked off Friday when team captains Nick Foligno and Jonathan Toews selected their teams to participate in the Skills Competition on Saturday and the All-Star Game on Sunday. After selecting Phil Kessel and Shea Weber, Team Toews took the first Flyer by selecting Jakub Voracek with their 3rd pick (6th overall). Soon after, we learned that we would not be seeing the dynamic duo on the same team when Team Foligno used their 7th pick (13th overall) to select Claude Giroux. Saturday Morning we found out that both Giroux and Voracek were participating in the Breakaway Challenge, and here’s how the day went;

Despite doing the most (arguably) creative move, Jakub Voracek lost the breakaway challenge to Ryan Johansen when he was awarded the extra point by winning over the home crowd by representing Ohio State football with one attempt, then he made a kid’s day great by helping him score on Corey Crawford, followed by his last attempt which brought in the Mighty Ducks Flying V, which was neat to see attempted despite him missing the net.

Claude Giroux attempted to fool Carey Price on one of his three attempts by using two pucks, but that didn’t quite work out. What did work however, was a gorgeous catch after Stamkos tossed the puck to him

Team Foligno was dominate from the beginning, after sweeping the fastest skater event 5-0. Jonathan Drouin ended up being the fastest skater from both teams, posting a 13.103, which is the 2nd fastest since this current relay began, only behind Carl Hagelin of the New York Rangers. Then Ryan Johansen won the breakaway challenge to make the score 6-0 Team Foligno. Ryan Getzlaf finally gave Team Toews a point when he beat Bobby Ryan in the accuracy competition, but that was the only point they got from that. Patrick Kane ended up being the fastest to hit all 4 targets (13.529 seconds) and Team Foligno went up 10-1. Jakub Voracek shined in the Skills Challenge Relay despite team Foligno, yet again, winning the event to go up 12-2 on Team Toews.

Next came the Hardest Shot competition where Zdeno Ch… what do you mean he wasn’t there? Oh, right. Sadly, we didn’t get to see Chara participate, yet Shea Weber still put on a show when he only missed Chara’s record of 108.8 by .3mph.

The Flyers All-Stars ended their Skills Competition by being stopped in the shootout (we’re used to that by now) by Carey Price and Corey Crawford. Team Foligno won the Skill Competition by a final of 25-19. The All Star Game will begin later today, where Giroux and Voracek will have to go against each other for the first time in a long time.


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