Phillies trying to rid themselves of Papelbon

As we all know, this off season the Phillies have to be in discussions to make trades or free agent signings that will bring in younger talent to a team that has been the butt of far too many old person jokes. The Phillies also need to actually start acting on a “rebuild” that has to be coming to a pretty bad team. Fans are losing interest in this team quicker and quicker and keeping around Ruben Amaro Jr. while he still tries to tell fans that the Phillies could win the world series when they’re no where near a playoff spot is starting to piss people off. The Phillies need to make moves to keep fans interested and they need to do it soon. Earlier this week there was more rumors about possible moves the Phillies are thinking about or trying to make happen.

The Phillies are interested in bolstering their pitching rotation and have shown a strong interest in right hander Chad Billingsley. Billingsley is 30 years old and was a prominent part of the LA Dodgers rotation from 2008-2012 until he had elbow problems. Billingsley only had 2 starts in 2013 and pitched a handful of innings in the minors this past year. Billingsley’s elbow is healthy now and the Phillies have seen him throw recently. GM Ruben Amaro Jr. said this about possibly adding Billingsley, “We have interest in adding more pitching depth. We’re looking for low-cost, low-risk, potentially high-reward type of guy.” Although the possibility of this happening is not exciting but would make sense as the Phillies rotation is relatively weak.

The Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers have talked about closer Jonathan Papelbon going to the Brewers. Unfortunately for the Phillies, the Brewers are one of the 17 teams that Papelbon can block a trade to thanks to his no-trade clause. According to ESPN, Papelbon may waive the no-trade clause if his $13million vesting option is guaranteed for 2016. Papelbon is owed $15 million this season and his option for 2016 activates if he finishes 48 games this season. The possibility of moving Pap is great for him, both teams involved in this rumor, and the fans. Pap wants to be with a contending club again, the Phillies will be getting rid of money and allowing Ken Giles to close, the Brewers were in the playoff mix last year until September, and fans will no longer have to deal with the bad attitude of “Papelblown”.

Both are more minor moves though, nowhere near the massive team overhaul that fans expect to see happen. Unfortunately someone in the Phillies organization continues to trust Ruben Amaro Jr.’s horrible decision making, so we’re all stuck waiting to see what sort of team he’ll field this season.

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