The Philly fans are mean. A Brooks Orpik Story

We have a history of hating Brooks Orpik here in Philly and it’s not just cause he’s generally a piece of crap. Putting on a Penguins jersey earns you a level of hatred that no other team can boast about and usually once a player moves on from Pittsburgh they kind of fall off the Philly radar. Not the case for Orpik who, it seems, tries very hard to be hated.

Tonight’s game is the first time that Orpik will be visiting the Wells Fargo with his new team, the Washington Capitals; and let’s be honest we’re not exactly best friends with Washington either. Orpik had some advice for Washington fans. He told that Philadelphia has a language problem:

“Probably not a building you want to bring your kids to, that’s for sure,” Orpik said. “They’d learn some new language, especially with the way the benches are set up. They’re kind of open to the crowd.”

Let’s be honest here you’re gonna hear bad language from fans in EVERY arena, pretending that Philly is somehow marginally worse than every other city in the league is a little far fetched. It seems like a little insult to fans who love to point out how easily his old team was beat by the Flyers over and over.

Orpik got one more little slight to the fans in before saying something that at least sounded like a compliment.

“It can be entertaining, too,” Orpik said. “Sometimes they get pretty creative with the signs and I’ve seen them go a little overboard, too. It’s always a real fun building as long as you don’t get behind early. If you get behind early it can be a pretty tough building to play in.”

At least he kept the shade to a minimum, it’s hard to talk shit about a stadium full of people who’ll shout obscenities at you every time you touch the puck.  But he’s a rival player and more importantly, an asshole, so forget anything nice he might’ve said cause it’s about time to watch him shout curse words when the Capitals lose.


One thought on “The Philly fans are mean. A Brooks Orpik Story

  1. Short, sweet, and to the point. Maybe Orpik is just jealous because he didn’t get enough attention when playing in Philly with the Pens. Maybe now that he no longer has Cindy Crysby to draw the attention of our fans, he’s trying to brand himself as the player to hate on the Caps. Whatever his reason it won’t make him anymore relevant now than when he was on the Pens. He is a sad little man!!!

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