2015 starts badly for the Flyers


It’d be interesting to know what some of the Flyers New Years resolutions were, because obviously they didn’t resolve to play any better than they have been so far this season.

The new year already hasn’t been kind to the Flyers, but there’s still time to make the beginning of 2015 better than the end of 2014.

After the 3 day Christmas break, the Flyers lost the momentum of the 3 road wins they had before the holiday, losing 3 straight games to the Predators, Coyotes and then Avalanche. 2015 offered a chance to leave that losing skid behind us with a win over the lowly Carolina Hurricanes, but what this game actually did was remind us that the Flyers are really just a bad team.

First thing’s first though, the Flyers terrible play was overshadowed by a frightening minute in the 3rd period when Claude Giroux went down in the corner, obviously injured. A Carolina player’s skate went down on Giroux’s leg and G struggled to get back to the bench, eventually being helped into the Carolina dressing room because he couldn’t make it to the Flyers tunnel.
The rest of the game (besides VandeVelde’s goal) didn’t really matter. We all desperately wanted to know what the captain’s condition was. and could care less about the inevitable loss.

There are two situations that this injury could have immediately reminded you of, both particularly horrible situations that we couldn’t imagine losing Giroux to.

The first was another Flyers injury. In 2013 Eric Wellwood lost an edge and ended up cutting through his own Achilles tendon in a collision with the boards during a Phantoms game. This was the bloody result of Wellwood’s injury which could have killed him:

wellwood skateWe held out hope that Wellwood would recover eventually, but around a year later the 24 year old announced his retirement taking an assistant coaching job with the Oshawa Generals.


The second similar injury happened the same year outside the organization to the Senators Erik Karlsson. Again in 2013, Karlsson suffered a similar Achilles tendon injury and was out for an extended period of time. After surgery, rehab and 31 games, the Senators defenseman returned to play. Karlsson’s return probably made Flyers fans believe that Wellwood’s return would be more likely than it was.

Both injuries were constantly on the minds of Flyers fans throughout the 3rd period as we waited and waited and waited for an update on Giroux’s status that wasn’t the obvious “lower body injury”. To make matters worse, the replays did show a bit of blood starting to come through G’s sock where he was cut, obviously everyone expected the worst, even ETS’s own Brad Keffer had a few panicked moments.


Brad panicks


After the game ended a picture of what is supposedly Giroux’s cut started circulating on twitter that showed the cut was only a few inches above his Achilles making him extremely lucky. After the game we got a full update that confirmed that Giroux was cut inches above his ankle and only needed stitches to fix him up. Giroux also said that he might be able to play tonight against the Devils. Here’s the picture mentioned above.


Giroux leg cut


We are lucky, Giroux is lucky, we are beyond happy that Giroux’s cut was not a more serious injury, thank god, but there’s something we really shouldn’t forget. THE FLYERS LOST TO THE GODDAMN HURRICANES!

Carolina is securely at the bottom of the Eastern Conference with an 11-23-4 record and only 26 points. They haven’t scored 2 or more goals in 4 of their last 14 games before Friday’s game, they scored 2 against the Flyers. The Flyers had the chance to break a 3 game losing streak by playing a bottom tier team, almost a guaranteed win if you’re an even slightly confident Flyers fan, but nope they couldn’t do it.

On the first Hurricanes goal, Mark Streit had the puck swept away from him and the Hurricanes went on an odd man rush with only Nick Grossmann left back to defend against two Canes. Brad Malone scores his first as a Hurricane (typical Flyers) on a shot that Mason probably should have had. Not so great play and giveaway by Streit leaving only a traffic cone to defend against an odd man rush with almost no one in a particular hurry to get back and help break up the rush. Streit I can kind of forgive for getting back slow because he’s older, but he was behind 3 younger forwards and got back to Grossmann with only Bellmare being close to catching up.

But 1-0 isn’t the end of the world, A semi decent hockey team can find a way to come back from a 1-0 deficit. Then 41 seconds into the 1st period the Hurricanes made it 2-0. After a sequence that started with a Matt Read giveaway, Eric Stall backhanded a rebound past Mason to give them a greater lead. Besides VandeVelde’s goal halfway through the 3rd period, nothing else exciting happened. This game was actually somewhat boring unless you have explosive anger issues (everyone in my family). The Flyers had 3 power plays during this game and the only reason I remember that is because I just looked up the recap. They did nothing even worth mentioning besides allowing the Hurricanes to get a short handed rush that Mason was able to fend off.

Do with that shitty performance what you will, but you’d have to be somewhat insane to still believe that the Flyers are playing for a playoff spot.

One more note before we go; when a player, especially a player on YOUR TEAM is injured, you are not under any circumstance allowed to use that injury that could be serious, that you don’t know the extent of, to promote tanking for a draft pick. Shut the hell up your goddamn captain could be seriously injured, no one gives a shit about McDavid at that moment don’t do it, it’s not funny.



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