Eagles out of a playoff spot


This loss cost the Eagles their season. A season that had such high hopes and expectations, from the front offices to the coaches to the players and to the fans, the Eagles even had a 91.5% chance of making the playoffs when they beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving. The Eagles just didn’t capitalize like the past three consecutive losses.

Quarterback Mark Sanchez played well for the most part this week as he completed 37 out of 50 passes for 374 yards, with 7.5 yards per completion, 2 touchdowns, and 1 interception. That 1 interception continued his streak of throwing an interception but more importantly was a pivotal play in the game as the Eagles were driving down with under 2 minutes in the game and he threw an interception. The interception was bad as it gave the Redskins will under 2 minutes in the game and threw with his feet not set. This loss is certainly not on Sanchez, although people will crucify him for that pick, as he played well but could not lead the Eagles down the field to grab the victory.

The receiver did well but Zach Ertz and Riley Cooper particularly stood out. Ertz absolutely tore it up and showed why he needs more targets as he had 15 catches for 115 yards, with an average of 7.7 per catch, and 18 targets. Cooper contributed his fair share as he 5 catches for 53 yards and 2 touchdowns. The performance by Ertz needs to ring a bell in the head of Chip to realize this guy is asset and Cooper finally showing up will have fans saying, “Now he’s playing for what we paid him for.” In my opinion, these two guys were positives because it shows that the Eagles have more Jeremy Maclin and Jordan Matthews as targets for the quarterback.

Cornerback Bradley Fletcher was atrocious yet again in this one. I would love to know what goes through the head of defensive coordinator Bill Davis by not only starting this guy but by putting him on the opponent’s best wide receiver. Fletcher allowed former Eagle DeSean Jackson to catch 4 passes for 126 yards. Fletcher was FINALLY benched after Jackson caught 2 passes for 51 and 55 yards apiece. Bill Davis said this after the game, “Two weeks in a row, two bad weeks. I was hoping to get out of that slump. It didn’t happen. They went at him deep, they made the plays on him, so I made the switch.” Fletcher has been in a slump all year in many fans opinions, including mine. Fletcher’s best ability on the field is getting burnt by receivers.

Kicker Cody Parkey did not play well and helped the Eagles drop this game. Parkey went 1 for 3 in kicks and those 2 misses cost the Eagles points and helped them lose the game. Parkey simply said this about the loss, “It stinks. I missed kicks and we lost the game.” Another huge issue with this loss was the penalties even though more than a couple were bullshit. The Eagles committed 13 penalties for 103 yards whether us fans agreed with the call or not. Penalties were such a momentum killer and a turnovers as well as the Eagles committed 2 in the loss. Chip Kelly said this about this issue, “You’re not going to win a football game that way. Let them on the field too many times on third down. We got penalties to extend drives. Thirteen penalties and two turnovers isn’t going to win football games in this league.”

This loss could be the icing on the cake of a season that should’ve been more and it uts pressure on the Eagles to address their issues accordingly in the offseason and actually make a playoff run in Chip Kelly’s third season in Philly.



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