Former LA King scores overtime goal to beat Kings

You know what everyone loves about games against the LA Kings? It’s the constant reminder that at some point or another the Flyers had Jeff Carter, Mike Richards and now Justin Williams on their team and how every announcer and beat writer has to remind everyone about that hundreds of times a night. No matter how long it’s been since the Carter and Richards trades it will always be a big story when the two “Return to their former town” as if it’s their first time visiting the WFC since the trades. News flash guys, it’s bee a couple years, these are not breaking stories.



But now the tables have turned and it’s Philadelphia that gets to gloat about a former LA Kings player that we now have. Brayden Schenn former LA King, who the Flyers received along with Wayne Simmonds in the trade for Mike Richards, ended the game with an overtime goal to keep the Flyers win streak going while simultaneously ending the Kings win streak. Schenn’s goal, about halfway through the overtime, was originally waved off after Kings Goalie Jonathan Quick slid into the net with the puck right on his pads. After a review the goal was counted and Quick went threw a temper tantrum, throwing his broken stick at the officials.

Quick stands by his argument that he was pushed into the net by Wayne Simmonds keeping his little hissy fit going long after the game was over. “It was contact, so shouldn’t be a goal,” Kings coach Daryl Sutter grumbled. But a nice gif of the goal thanks to SB Nation shows that Simmonds wasn’t even at the net yet… so sorry Sutter you’re a moron.



Miachel Raffl scored his 5th of the season to give the Flyers a 1 goal lead in the first period, but a short handed Kings goal tied the game up. Then 43 seconds before the end of the period Chris VandeVelde scored his first goal as a Flyer making it 2-1 going into the second period.

The Kings came to Philly on a 6 game win streak and after the Flyers performance against Detroit, the undoubtedly expected an easy win. Unfortunately for them the Flyers rallied after a poor performance and had major pressure on the Kings from the very beginning; the Flyers had 20 shots on goal in the first period alone as opposed to their 17 shots in the whole game against Detroit. The Flyers now have a 4-3-2 record on the season and have a chance to finish the month off 2 games above .500 with a win over the Tampa Bay Lightning, their 3 game win streak has included wins over Pittsburgh, Detroit and now LA. Even with multiple injuries to the roster, the Flyers have managed to turn their season around already and after a sketchy start to October, have started the season with a winning record.

Apparently the whole hockey world is just as confused about the win as Quick is and have resorted to making fun of the Flyers in ways that are stupid and childish. The Score decided to focus on B. Schenn arguing with the ref about the game winner, saying he acted like a child:

fuck off

They decided to neglect Quick’s little temper tantrum after the goal, but we’d be happy to show you that so here:

Quick the bitch Talk about childish huh?



I know that I really shouldn’t talk about Richards and Carter because that conversation has been beaten to death and will continue to be a conversation long after Richards and Carter have stopped being relevant names, but I want to point out just the basics of why the Flyers came out on top of both of those trades. First off, most obviously, Richards and Carter did not win the Stanley cups by themselves nor were they the biggest contributors, the Kings had a balanced and very skilled team with an elite goaltender. Richards and Carter did not win the cup themselves and they did not lead the Kings to the cup as the myth goes in Philly beat writer legend.

If you want to look at the most basic aspect, goals and assists; the Flyers definitely won:

Richards to LA in exchange for Simmonds and B. Schenn: Richards: 42 goals and 78 assists in his time in LA. Simmonds: 77 goals and 71 assists in his time in Philadelphia. B. Schenn: 43 goals and 47 assists in his time in Philadelphia.

Carter to Columbus in exchange for Voracek and a pick that became Sean Couturier: Carter: 64 goals and 40 assists in his time in LA, 15 goals and 10 assists in Columbus (79 goals, 50 assists since PHI). Voracek: 65 goals, 105 assists in Philadelphia. Couturier: 33 goals and 53 assists with Philadelphia. (and that’s not even mentioning his phenomenal 2 way ability)

So it’s about time that the beats caught on to what most fans already know, the Flyers won those trades. Now please stop acting like that was the worst deal ever.



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