Eagles Fall Out in Arizona


eagles lose

A loss like the one that occurred for the Eagles on Sunday seemed inevitable as they have been avoiding their own mistakes to win games this season so far. That was not the case Sunday as the Eagles mistakes finally caught up with them. This loss should be a good stepping stone for the Eagles to learn from what they did wrong. Although, no one wants to see a loss and especially one that can put us behind the hated Dallas Cowboys.

Quarterback Nick Foles had a good game on paper as he completed 36 passes out of 62 attempts for 411 yards, for 6.6 yards per pass, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions. Foles did throw for 400 yards but he was picked off on some bad throws. It looked like Foles did not have feet set on a lot of the dropback pass play or just in shotgun when he had more time. Foles was not sacked once in the game against the Cardinals but was making hurried throws to out of bounds or throwing off of his back foot (which I noticed on a number of occasions during the duration of the game). Running back LeSean McCoy had a good game as he had 21 carries for 83 yards. It seemed like McCoy was not used enough as the Eagles gave the top notch Cardinals run defense too much respect. Shady of course dipped and ducked like he does too much on occasion but he really looked like he was going more north-south than east-west like usual.

Wide receiver Jeremy Maclin has been remarkable this year and he showed it as he had 12 receptions for 187 yards, 15.6 yards per reception, and 2 touchdowns which includes the 50 yard beautiful bomb. Maclin is becoming one of the best receivers in the league and he is a damn tough one as well. Maclin was involved in a nasty 3 player collision that left Cardinals star corner Patrick Peterson laying lifeless but Peterson is okay now. Maclin came back from that collision only 4 plays later and hustled even more than he did before being knocked out of the game.

The secondary let us down once again but it was mostly Nate Allen and Cary Williams. These 2 allowed Cardinals rookie receiver John Brown fr0m Pittsburgh State caught the 75 yard pass from Carson Palmer. The pass was a great pass as it was dropped into Brown’s waiting arm but Williams has to slow the timing between the quarterback and receiver and then Allen has to be better with his over the top help for Williams.

Chip Kelly had some questionable play calling throughout the game. The first one is that Foles threw 62 passes, what is Andy Reid the coach of this team again? Foles should not be throwing that many times when he has Shady and Polk in the backfield. The second one is the decision to not go for it on 4th and inches in the red zone in the 4th quarter.

This game obviously had its positives but had more negatives than positives. The Eagles injured offensive line did play quite well as Foles was not sacked. The Eagles are now 5-2 and visit the Houston Texans next week.

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