Sixers Trade for Teague

Although pretty much no one is looking forward to sitting through this awful Sixers season we are about to witness, there is some news that the team made. The Sixers were fully aware that point guard Michael-Carter Williams will be coming back from an injury apparently on November 13th. So the team made a trade with the Brooklyn Nets to acquire point Marquis Teague and 2019 2nd round pick the Nets received point guard Casper Ware.

Teague came into the league in 2012 out of Kentucky and is only 21 years old. Teague was drafted 29th overall by the Chicago Bulls and went to the Nets. Teague has played in 88 in the league. Teague is a good player who is quick and can play some defense. He is one of the more known players on the Sixers roster. Teague will not turn this awful team around which none of us fans want because we want high draft picks.



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