Phillies Re-sign Grady Sizemore

Just a couple of days removed from resigning starting pitcher Jerome Williams, the Phillies have resigned outfielder Grady Sizemore. Sizemore is prominently known for his glory years with the Cleveland Indians but Sizemore caught the injury bug and has not been the same player since. Sizemore originally came to the Phillies around July of last season after being released by the Boston Red Sox.


Sizemore’s deal is a 1 year deal that is worth $2 MM but can be worth up to $5 MM due to performance bonuses. Sizemore played 60 games for the Phightin’ Phils last year and played quite well as he hit 3 homers, drove in 12 runs, and had a batting average slash line of .253/.313/.389. Although he obviously does not have the power he used to have, Sizemore still produced and was one of the only Phillies players that played with energy.

Again, not another blockbuster signing by any means like the Williams deal but the Phillies are taking care of the guys that they want on the team. Sizemore is a good keep for the Phillies as he plays good defense and with good energy. Plus, it is only October so no exciting will be made anyway.



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