Phillies Keep Jerome Williams

The Phillies have made their first move of the offseason as the team has resigned starting pitcher Jerome Williams. Williams came over to the Phillies late in the season as he only made 9 starts fro the Phillies. Although he only made 9 starts, Williams was quite productive in that short stint of starts as he went 57 1/3 innings and had an ERA of 2.83 which is quite impressive. The deal Williams and the Phillies agreed to is a 1 year deal that is worth $2.5 million but the money could spike up to $4 million as part of incentives.

Williams is a 33 year journeyman pitcher in the MLB who has bounced around but did pitch well for the Phillies. The negatives of this signing is that it is just like a signing that you say, “Oh ok they got him”. That’s not a knock on him but it is not an exciting signing due to what’s he has done in his career and how bad this Phillies team is going to be until they wake up and rebuild this mediocre franchise. Another negative is that you know what he can do so it doesn’t seem like he can grow and get better.

The positive of this signing is that Williams did produce for the Phillies and he can build on the positive momentum. Another positive is that Williams can fill in the 3, 4, or 5 spots in the Phillies rotation and the rotation is lacking depth. That certainly the only thing this Phillies team is lacking.

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